Female idol who is the hot topic these days

The face that is the hot topic these days

NMIXX Sullyoon

1. I think she’s a combination of Lee Hi + Na Kyung + Kim Jae Kyung

2. She looks the most princess-like out of all the female idols I’ve seen so far

3. She’s so pretty, but her mouth looks weird when she smiles;;

4. She’s seriously so pretty.. If this face isn’t a hot topic, it’s ridiculous

5. She seems to be a rookie who just debuted recently. She’s so pretty, but why do her eyes look sleepy?

6. ? I don’t know who she is, but she’s so f*cking pretty

7. As expected, it’s Sullyoon, she looks so pretty

8. It’s the face combination of Tzuyu + Sana + Lee Hi

9. Her face explains why she’s such a hot topic, she’s so pretty

10. Am I the only one who thinks she looks a bit like Tzuyuㅋㅋ

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