ILLIT’s fandom name is controversial for having the same name as an idol girl group member

ILLIT’s fandom name has just been revealed ‘LILLY’

1. The fandom’s name was created with meanings related to the fans. Is there a reason why they chose LILLY?

2. I thought it looked familiar somehow and it turned out it was a member of NMIXX

3. I didn’t know there was a member named Lily in NMIXX. I guess it’s inevitable that the names overlap because they’re so common

4. Isn’t this aimed at noisy marketing? HYBE is crazy

5. ?? Wow.. What is this really? Why is this agency so bad?

6. It would be a strange feeling to hear your name as another group’s fandom name

7. No, it reminds me of NMIXX Lily… What are they doing?

8. Why?? Why? Didn’t you know there was Lily in NMIXX?? I really don’t understand. I’m not a fan of anyone, but there is an idol named Lily, so why did they name their fanclub Lily. Are you an idiot?

9. Are they crazy? They are crossing the line

10. HYBE just live in their own world

11. Even if the members don’t know, there’s no way people in the entertainment industry don’t know about NMIXX Lily

12. Is there no such thing as commercial ethics..?

13. No, why would they use a real person’s name?? Lily is a very popular name even in the West. Plus, it’s the name of a member of the same K-pop generation

14. There’s no way they don’t know NMIXX. Isn’t this intentional?

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