Female idols who attended the Gucci show today

1. Wow Winter and Ryujin are crazy

2. Hanni is the ambassador, but she doesn’t match Gucci the best

3. Winter and IU are crazy…

4. Wow Ryujin is so pretty

5. If you ask me who has the best aura, it’s Ryujin

6. IU is the ambassador, right..? Personally, I think Winter and Ryujin are the best

7. Winter has good expressions and she’s the prettiest

8. Winter and Ryujin are so pretty

9. Ryujin looks like an actress

10. Wow, Ryujin looks the best today….. She’s f*cking pretty

11. Winter’s eyes are crazy

12. Winter’s clothes are so pretty, IU’s clothes really suit her

13. I’m a bit disappointed with Hanni, but that’s because the styling doesn’t suit her age

14. Ryujin’s aura is crazy and Leeseo is so cute

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