FIFTY FIFTY surpasses NewJeans to become the fastest Korean group in history to enter Billboard Hot 100

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ got 100th place on Billboard Hot 100

Fastest K-pop group since debut

1. It reminds me of Doja Cat, I’m listening to it now

2. I really like this song, so I listen to it every day

3. This song is good, but all the songs in their debut album are good too

4. I really like this song

5. The English version of this song is better

6. Wow…. Are you saying they entered the Billboard Hot 100???? Aren’t they the first to enter the Billboard Hot 100 after BTS and BLACKPINK?

7. I’m listening to it right now, the song is so good and the melody is so good

8. I’m even more proud of them because the members are all Korean and their achievements are thanks to the quality of their songs

9. NewJeans entered the Hot 100 after 156 days, FIFTY FIFTY entered the Hot 100 after 129 days

10. Wow, they’re the 6th Korean group to enter the Hot 100

11. Daebak, this is amazing

12. I still can’t believe it

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It's whatever

I’m happy for them because I know it wasn’t because of payola and the song is good


I first heard the hype about them on reddit. It was before the song blow up on tiktok. The moment i heard cupid, i knew this song about to blow up. Its very catchy n very easy listening. Also this group may can gain stable fandom because all their songs really good n have own sound.


Girl Group League is getting more and moore interesting to watch ><


The power of tiktok but they deserve it . I hope this is not “one hit wonder”


Beat media play pushing gg on from hybe . this is how organics song work


Double standard when it comes to Newjeans is crazy. If cupid with 1.5m stream can be added on TTH then what makes you think ditto with 3m stream can’t be added. How is it not organic?


Now let’s analyse this shall we
Ditto and OMG we’re both getting 2.9-3M daily streams for 2 weeks straight before getting into TTH & getting big playlisting (mind u ditto was out during Christmas season)
Cupid was getting an average of 1.5M-1.8M?for two weeks before they got into major playlisting
After ditto and OMG we’re added they both still maintained the 3M and after Cupid was added it increased to 2.5-2.9M daily streams

So because hybe is a big company, everyone believes njs playlist was bought by hybe and cuz fifty fifty is under a nugu company it wasn’t bought? Even when they got into TTH with way lesser streams than omg and ditto
Now help me understand this?


And what annoys me the most is that lots K-pop groups use adds on YouTube to promote their songs like 70% of their yt streams are from adds paid to YouTube by their company but everyone calls njs the payola group because they had playlisting on Spotify….and jsyk njs don’t do adds on YouTube


Cupid it’s good song but you guys need to hear ” lovin’ me ” . It’s a beautiful song their Vocals are from heaven


like their whole debut ep is so good ugh, definitely making me putting high expectation on their next releases


they’re going to be like crayon pop

on top

& They will free fall next week lmao 😂


it on the rock bottom of the chart n100 why are they celebrating ???


I watched A video and they completely sang live and I was so surprised they have good skills too


typical 1 hit wonder group they will flop soon

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