Followers on each social media platform of 4th generation girl groups

(G)I-DLE 126,000
NewJeans 112,000
Aespa 92,000
IVE 77,000
ITZY 62,000

ITZY 8.19 million
(G)I-DLE 5.22 million
Aespa 4.43 million
NewJeans 3.55 million
LE SSERAFIM 2.86 million
IVE 2.56 million

ITZY 19.05 million
Aespa 10.47 million
(G)I-DLE 9.78 million
NewJeans 7.5 million
LE SSERAFIM 4.54 million
IVE 3.45 million

ITZY 5.84 million
Aespa 3.65 million
(G)I-DLE 1.94 million
NewJeans 1.31 million
LE SSERAFIM 1.27 million
IVE 1.23 million

1. Aespa is amazing

2. Why is (G)I-DLE 4th generation?

3. Overseas, ITZY seems to be the strongest

4. Didn’t NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM debut in 2022? They are daebak

5. TikTok: ITZY 11.4 million, NewJeans 6.8 million, Aespa 6.5 million, LE SSERAFIM 4.9 million, IVE 4.7 million,(G)I-DLE 4.4 million, Looks like ITZY’s popularity overseas is so high

6. ITZY is really popular

7. Overseas, Spotify and the scale of the tour will be the most accurate

8. The gap between debut years is too much to put them all together

9. It’s been less than a year since NewJeans debuted, but they’re amazing

10. Is ITZY 4th generation?

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So nj have more followers on melon while ive i am(which is not a hit material at all)breaking ditto’s records and I’m supposed to believe Kakao is not cooking numbers for ive in the kitchen??? Lmaooo


oh they’re breaking ditto records ? have not been keeping up with everyone’s kcharts so far, what records did they break


I think they stop ditto having no1 on melon.


oh raks, I thought they surpassed both Ditto’s streams and ul(s)


They surpassed the highest peak uls and highest stremaing day


Theu break every ditto record other than that 600 paks.

Also they are breaking it everywhere not only meoln


You are so delusional. Yes, New Jeans has slightly more followers on Melon, but if you bothered to use your brain, you would have noticed that New Jeans also tends to have higher first-hour listeners on Melon (which is a benefit from their higher followers). IVE beats them because IVE tends to pick up more UL listeners over time than New Jeans, meaning more people gravitate toward their music. You could look at it as core fandom vs general public. Also, Kakao only owns Melon, and Melon alone can’t get PAK. Also, the fact that IVE never has a comeback during an empty house. They are always on the chart with lots of other big names which increases the amount of people tuning in. This is common sense but you’d rather stew in your conspiracy theories to feel better about your faves.

Last edited 6 months ago by CallYouOut

& ditto broke dynamite pak records but was struggling to win in music shows & couldn’t even move hybe’s stock one bit when dynamite effected KOREA’s economy in pandemic & made music show managements change the rules due to her nonstop wins.let alone ditto was viral on tiktok unlike dynamite that was competing with one of the biggest tiktok viral songs ever.
non of these two have super hit material song.if they were some real nugu without money to back them up ppl would laugh at ive for releasing kitch & cookie would end nj.yet they’re the only groups that get no.1
but hey,whose real organic even!?fifty fifty’s company ceo says:we want to make a female BTS.
they’re all industry plants with weird numbers & good music propaganda.


You just answered yourself. If kakao are making ive chart and giving them high streams then they will give them also high folowers its not that hard😂

Thats mean they are not cheating and all of this is ORGANIC. Since they are also 1 everywhere not only in melon. Also cry harder we get 260 paks and still counting since we also gonna get that 1 this week on youtube


That’s it?? Lmao
Even small time influences have more followers and engagement rates. Koreans are so embarrassing 😫


So why are you here then lol. Go to your the site that focused on your supposed popular industry


4th gen is so competitive lmao.

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