For real, this is why BTS is successful

No matter how successful they are, their success is not proven by the value of the luxury items they advertise or the party invitations of celebrities

For real, they prove their worth with music… If this isn’t the reason for BTS’s success then what is? The album ‘Indigo’ contains the essence of Kim Namjoon at the age of 20 and the reason for BTS’s 10-year success

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1. [+73, -2] They seem to be so serious about music

2. [+69, -1] Honestly, just looking at other famous idols, they became ambassadors rather than singers. Where have you been invited? Most articles are like that, but I don’t think BTS needs to brag about them, but there’s a lot of things like how they set another record with a song or album. From a fan’s point of view, this or that would be something to brag about, but like BTS, they make me proud because their main job is amazing

3. [+59, -1] Seriously, they’re serious about music. This is crazy point from a fan’s point of view, every year I can’t get out of something new from BTS

4. [+34, -0] It’s in the lyrics of Run BTS. ‘The reason behind BTS’s success? I don’t know if there’s something like that. All of us just run hard’. As a singer, the reason for BTS’s success is their hard work and sincerity towards music

5. [+11, -0] This is the reason

6. [+9, -0] BTS 2nd Grade, ghost city, Blanket Kick, Silver Spoon, War of Hormone, and more. Their songs all have good lyrics, whenever I listen to their songs, the lyrics are so interesting

7. [+8, -0] These guys are in their 10th year, but they’re really constantly setting records with music, becoming a hot topic on stage, and it’s amazing and good that they’re working hard on activities musicㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+7, -0] I agree

9. [+6, -0] I can feel that BTS is really doing the music they want to do

10. [+6, -0] I’m not a fan, but I admit it.. Nowadays, when idols brag that they’re luxury ambassadors and say that they’re top… Honestly, it’s great, but then they’re influencers rather than singers

11. [+5, -0] If you show your sincerity, fans can’t help but love you ㅠㅠ

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unless other that called super famous idol who works harder for being ambassador of luxury brands. ouch. its okay maybe being idol and artist is their last priority


The kpop industry is kinda like the opposite of disney. ppl work as “singers/performers” to have an acting career while disney ppl work as actors to have a singing career.

hello zzz

it was a requirement for disney stars to have a music career if they see their stars potential. for being idols turning to actors gives you better chances due to the industry knowing who you are already or signing a better agency with greater opportunities


I don’t get how singers in Korea are seen as lower class than actors. In my country, even the most tone-deaf actresses or models try to become singers lol


it’s not singers who are looked down upon. it’s “idols” from the kpop industry that are disliked.


They dont look down on singers. They look down on idols. Their singer like solo singer is treated well


yeah people like iu and lyw and other trot singers are well loved by korean gp.

WhatsThe Point

They came together for music, they work for music. U can see how much they genuinely love to make music and perform on stage for fans. Their interviews, vlives they talk abt the songs they’re working on etc


At the end of day, BTS so successful because of the passion they have in music n performing. Look at chapter 2, they all still focus in making music n performing as their main job. Other things are just simply hobbies or side job. They can easily snagging solo cf all the time if they want but nope its not their main focus.


Jin doing a CF for a ramen brand that he kept saying he wanted to endorse and that’s it, proves so many things tbh, lol.

WhatsThe Point

Tbf I don’t see all 7 of them being brand ambassadors of any luxury brand. I mean either of them would have already became a BA by now if they wanted but it looks like they’re only doing what they want.
Like jin endorsing ramen, yoongi and jin getting a talk show on bangtantv, them simply releasing their solo albums and songs, attending pfw because they wanted to 🤷‍♀️ appearing on variety shows


I only can see V interested in fashion n doing luxury cf. But even that, i dont think he is that interested either. He used back door during celine fashion week n only standing at center for the event when only they 3 got called. Also after whole people mistakenly dragging him, i feel like he prefer to lay low. At the end of day, his current main interest is music n then probably acting.


Yeah, jhope generated like 6 million usd apparently for posting a pic from the LV restaurant and he went on top 10 the most influential perosn on that paris fashion show report with the highest engagement

He didnt go. Bet he didnt even know it happened.

So yeah i think he enjoys fashion but didnt want to bother becoming BA and attending fashion shows


Its obvious bts members have their own solo cf lining up asking them to endorse it. Its just whether they want to do it or not. Like i bet there is no way maknae line especially dont have any luxury brands, etc asking them to be their model. At this stage, they probably prioritize more what they like to do. They already so rich. They have nothing more to prove except probably their solo music.


and that’s only bc it has the same name as him 😂 he’s so goofy and adorable


This is only happens when you truly love what you do, and do what you truly love.

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That’s what attracts me to them as a long-time fan. The awards and accolades they receive and the other good works they do are nice, definitely, but I got into and stayed with BTS bc of their music.

From the messages they want to send to their personal growth and journey of passion, it’s all found in their music. They put so much of themselves into the songs they make. It’s also why I get interested their side projects, bc the experiences they obtain tend to influence their musical growth.

Each member is an artist, whose love for music has honed their craft to produce art worth exploring.


Your last sentence, also adding the fact that each member is a /different/ type of artists needs to be emphasized, people think that ARMYS will leave when BTS goes to the military/do solo projects, but the fact that every member is releasing musics that are so /different/ from each other makes the fans stay and loyal.

I aint leaving no matter what, like are you kidding me, I’m still curious and cant wait to hear the other member’s works now, seeing how hard Jimin, Suga, V and JK are working right now for their solo music makes the wait worth even more.


Yes. Cause im curious what type of music they all will release. Cause we know whatever they releasing is the genre that they want to show to us

meow meow

not related to the actual post but that pic is so insanely whitewashed why do the festa pics get more intense every year 😭


Lol I love the shade. Keep it up knets certain groups need to hear it


Their priority has always been and will always gonna be about music and performing. They never half-ass their works, kpop stan can be as loud as they want, hate bts and armys as much as they want, but none of those will ever gonna affect BTS and ARMYS lmao.


Jack In The Box and Indigo have been wonderful. I cannot wait for the other four members’ solo albums. I don’t like The Astronaut that much since I don’t particularly enjoy Coldplay’s music but I will wait until Jin came back from enlistment and release his full album.

WhatsThe Point

You could hear the Coldplay influence in the astronaut, I like it a lot since I’ve been a fan Coldplay too.
But I’m sure jin will come up with great songs, given his discography.

I’d love it if he made a rock song


Surprising fact about Jin is that hes always been into rock music lol


I see him as a more ballad singer but who knows? He might surprises us with a rock song lol

Grace Walker

Jin, would be good at singing trot songs.

WhatsThe Point

The music BTS make as a group, the music each member make as soloists are so different but cohesive at the same time?
Like jitb and indigo are so different but so hobi and joon. And so on for other members..
This k-army once had tweeted, all 7 members are different colors and come together to form a rainbow.

7 is divine


Srly the only thing that brought BP to music industry is being more models/Instagramers than artists. Groups nowadays are more worries about clothes than their own performance.

WhatsThe Point

The exclusive thing abt bp till 4th gen was luxury brands alright. Other 3rd gen groups had brand deals as well but none of them made it their whole personality like blinks and bp made it.

Now every other 4th gen group has a brand deal, it’s not an exclusive thing anymore.


Good to see that their hardwork and effort is paid off.


i think it needs to be discussed how idols are trying to reach the top with anything but music.maybe because music path needs gradual grow up.they need to develop as singer/rapper/performer/lyricist/composer/producer…there’s so much to learn & they want to be popular right after debut.being pretty/handsome seems an easier way.such a sad story for a “music” industry.
i’m always grateful for the passion my boys have for music.i stan musicians after all.


“Super serious in music” but then their recent releases sound like garbage and only topped charts bcs of gigantic fandom


If you’re garbage don’t expect everyone and everything to be you .


Me when I’m talking about BP and all other kpoppie groups besides BTS. Be for real


They basically got together for the music, they all had a different character and wishes, but once they became a group, they embraced each other tightly. Yes, there were times when they had discussions, but they felt deeply that they were fate mates and family with each other, and their relationship is far above the maximum intimacy anyone can have with a friend right now. You can clearly observe both the sincerity to each other and the sincerity to the fans. They were always kind when they were humiliated in their early years, and they were always kind after they shake the world. People love their kind heart and sincerity + their really work hard to make their best

pizza piza

Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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