Foreign fans are getting mad because BLACKPINK is not nominated for the Grammys?

Foreign fans are getting mad because of the Grammys

They think the fact that BLACKPINK is not nominated is discriminatory against women

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1. Look at the candidates. Seriously, I can’t understand this topic

2. Seriously, it’s ridiculous, I can’t understand this topic. First of all, let’s talk about Billboard and AMAs first;;

3. Who is saying the Grammys discriminate against women? Beyonce has 9 nominations, Adele has 7 nominations, Lizzo has 6 nominations, and Taylor Swift has 4 nominations. What’s the excuse to say they discriminate against women?

4. The US is quiet, but where is the chaos abroad? Southeast Asia?

5. Where did those foreign fans come from???? I’m really curious

6. What does it have to do with discrimination against women?ㅋㅋㅋ It’s so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

7. Before going to the Grammys, go to the Billboard and the AMAs first

8. If they were nominated, what song would they be nominated for?

9. As an ARMY, I think BLACKPINK is also amazing as a Korean girl group. I think it’s great that two groups like BTS and BLACKPINK are doing so well on the Billboard Hot 100 and they’re setting records for girl group! Stop hating on them

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These fans need to be honest with themselves and admit that their music is not worthy of an award or a nomination.


Now explain abcdefu getting nominations. Grammy is a joke LMAO


Are you jealous because she’s only 18 years old and managed to write and a release a hit song?

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You’re really a bootlicker. Any logical person knows that song was created by an industry plant. She’s an industry plant. You can say it. If those fans want their favs to be nominated that’s fine but don’t like about that girl popping up out of nowhere and being promoted like crazy on streaming platforms. Even PINKPANTHERESS wasn’t being promoted like this.


she can be an industry plant and have hit.your faves have all the things this industry plant has but the “hit”.accept it.& it’s not good at all considering the push they have every comeback.even bad decisions with that poor promotion & forgotten by BTS made it to top10.
when ppl say they need to change,yall need to understand why & don’t jump & say we’re happy with it cause “yall” obviously are not big enough to make their songs “hit”.what your faves struggle in,is not misogyny or’s their lack of passion.your faves don’t wanna hold a pen,learn a beat or even practice choreo.this is not the route that reaches to grammy.grammy lost it’s prestige in so many aspects but still there’s some unspoken values that is there,like the artistry your faves simply don’t radiate.


👏👏👏👏 Speaking facts


It was actually proven she was a plant too. They followed the trail back to the person who first “suggested/requested” she do a song with the alpahbet and and it was somone from her label.


yall just love to hate something bc its mainstream lmao, that song was self written and produced, million times more efforts than whatever bp had put on their crap music


Are yall army have selective memory forgetting how yall are bullying olivia and calling her industry plant for months?? The self written and produced card suddenly disappeared


we called her out on having that obvious push and privilege on her PERSON but not one army was commenting on how her songs werent deserving lmao, bc they did and the thing is bts made it all look so easy for you kpop stans but outside of your twitter and instagram and youtube bubble, nobody will ever gonna take any kpop act BUT bts seriously, forbes and rollingstone alike have been lying and setting yall up

But I wasn’t done…

Two thing can be tru at once. Olivia is an industry plant that had major push and payola behind her. Doesn’t take away from her that she is talented and an actual self written artist…

Bp only has payola but they lack the gp interest for it to be successful

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all those paid spotify deals and english album yet got paid dust lol

But I wasn’t done…

As it deserves. Trash album. Trash writing. Trash performance.


Better than ratatatata


Blackpink’s music isn’t there yet. Once they really broaden their sound and work with other producers, they’ll be able to improve their sound and especially their lyrics.


Talking about lyrics when “smooth like butter” and “nananana dynamite” getting nominations last years. It’s kpop🤣


and guess what both are critically acclaimed! cant say the same with any of bp songs that got spewed out by actual music critics


Smooth like butter is good and nananana dynamite is the filler part while bp whole songs are filler part coz the fuck is this that pink venom, ratatratata, rumpa rumpa, vroom vroom is a kid writing lyrics


that 3:20min danananananananae saved korea’s culture’s ass in the pandemic & brought more money for the country than your faves did in their whole career(if they did)& that “smooth like butter” is even more successful than dynamite in the biggest US chart.both beautiful songs,deserved to win grammy,both were smash can make the deepest song ever or the lightest song ever & do both artistically.
your faves made themselves worthless when they couldn’t make a sentence to explain their song & then managed to say they sit on the couch & wait for teddy to make the one took them seriously after that.


Man..the way they were looking at eo dumbfounded when they were asked about how their music worked then proceeded to blame the company for not allowing them to make their own music at that one interview is super hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 and to this day their dumb dogs still believe that was the reasons for their lack of songs 🤣🤣🤣their music really for the unclever beings 🤣

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this is the dumbest excuse like your rich faves can’t afford a studio on their own?just a room in their luxury houses?the company doesn’t put them on albums then release them on soundcloud?in their own yt channels?show you’re an artist.BTS’s soundcloud discography is a whole career on it’s own.taehyung didn’t have a studio back then,he made a total masterpiece with peakboy somewhere else.imagine thinking a company forces their idols not to have passion in music oh God.


lol conveniently forgetting the massive discography bts has

take any self-written and/or produced song by a bts member vs. any self-written and/or produced songs by a blackpink member (which they don’t have), and see the clear winner

blackpink girls don’t even have a song that they wrote and produced themselves.

rose can’t even explain her solo song and she’s considered to be the more musically inclined of the four lol

But I wasn’t done…

Hanging on to one or two BTS songs that are made for pure enjoyment out of 100s of deeply written songs on a range of heartfelt topics is the dumbest card you can pull when you literally stan BP who only sing about downgrading other women and ice cream

Grace Walker

Both those songs were played on the US, radio which is a big plus when being nominated for the Grammys or any other US, awards show.

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it will never be there because they’re simply not passionate about music. they debuted 6 years ago and the quantity and quality of their releases are laughable.

WhatsThe Point

BTS made achieving these things look real easy cuz why a stray kids fan is wishing for Grammy .
(Blinks or any kpop stan for that matter)


who tf gonna nominate an album with 50 points from critics, lets be real and stop bringing feminism in this when bp’s lyrics love to put other women down lmaoo


Ikr, like literally Typa Girl is the ultimate pick me song.


Their recent album is so lacklustre and lacks cohesiveness though? Were fans really expecting them to be nominated when they have shallow lyrics and repetitive beats?

The girls even sound soulless in their new songs. The Album was better than Born Pink, but none of their albums are Grammy nom worthy to be honest.

I’ve said this before in another forum, but BTS and their fans really made it look easy that other groups and their fans (especially!) think they have a higher chance to be nominated now.

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Their previous album and songs were much more better than what they released this year. Let’s be honest with that fact first. Bp really need to work a lot more on their lyrics and concept aespect. Cause it’s only the same thing with the same “haters hate me but I don’t care cause I am rich and popular and they are not” thing. Ddu ddu hylt pink venom shut down was all same thing with same concept. They need to bring more on the table. The love sick girls was like fresh air. But they seriously went back to that same songs about haters theme thing.


comments saying before Grammys lets do billboard and amas I am saying lets do a daesang first isnt it embarrassing even rookie groups have 2-3 under their belt but supposedly the biggest girl group doesn’t. Blinks should really know where they stand they all love to compare bp with bts but all they have is yt views coz of farm and mass streaming


the audacity of their fans to accuse bts for wanting western validation when bts already got 3 daesangs at home before starting to receive acknowledgement from the west


Can we talk about how this site has always purposely tryna set up hate against blackpink for years? Like the source of the original post isn’t even existed?? And the alleged post have like few upvoted. FUCK YOU admin


comments spilled tho, yall need to stop using the perforamtive feminist card to victimize bp AND the admins always try to set up ANY group for drag be for real bp aint special

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Then go attach the original post, its clear that this site are run by dumb army at this rate


are u illiterate this site literally posts shady articles about bts every business day like damn fam bp isnt special every act gets dragged here


That’s pretty obvious, they publish bts and bp the most but here we are, clicking their articles


Blink is a joke 🤣🤣🤣

WhatsThe Point

After blinks terrorised BTS all these years of “western validation” suddenly they’re disappointed Bp is not nominated 💀💀


For what category could they supposed get nominated tho? Best instagramers?

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I think it was Best Metaverse Performance.


Best Sponsored Insta Post


Best Free Deals


It’s not necessarily free when one of the members is frequently seen as a +1 to Spotify’s head of music during events


not them clowns comparing BP with established vocals queens like beyonce and adele lmao blinks are delusional clowns fr


Most Blackpink songs are how about they’re so much better and richer than the other girls or how they’re not like the other girls and Blinks thought this would make them Grammy nominated? Be fr. Stop your delusions. Blackpink doesn’t even have a daesang. Blinks keep undermining daesangs but they don’t have any worthy international awards as well? No BBMAs, no AMAs. All they can keep yapping about is that trash VMAs award that everybody knows is a whole joke. BTS really made it look easy lmao.


watching yg’s cheque bounced in real time at the vmas lmaooo


I will always hate blinks for minimizing serious issues like misogyny bc anytime their favs get criticized its bc of misogyny. They didnt win? Misogyny….oh you dont kike blackpink? Misogyny.

Bp album was weak asf what made them think they would get an aloty or aoty nom? Had ygvmediaplay rotted their brain?


They still trying for the BNA, and miserably failed every year. Will they try until the mid girls expired? How about getting the local awards, eg AAA or Genie daesang 1st??

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It’s only Armys in the replies of the Grammy posts. Not actual knetz.

But I wasn’t done…

Knets dragging blinks is needed for their ego. BP need to do things in order and stop trying to force their way through doors they haven’t earned entry through yet. Focus on getting a daesang, promote more in Korea, your home country so you can get one because at this point even an AMA is looking bad to achieve.


Only Blinks we’re upset and surprised about a deserved snub by the Grammys. Imagine thinking an half assed nursery rhyme album deserved recognition. Gp don’t know them girls and do not care


“As an army” lmao no


lol what is the point of giving them a grammy? they’re closer to models than to singers at this point

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