Foreign fans are getting mad because BLACKPINK is not nominated for the Grammys?

Foreign fans are getting mad because of the Grammys

They think the fact that BLACKPINK is not nominated is discriminatory against women

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1. Look at the candidates. Seriously, I can’t understand this topic

2. Seriously, it’s ridiculous, I can’t understand this topic. First of all, let’s talk about Billboard and AMAs first;;

3. Who is saying the Grammys discriminate against women? Beyonce has 9 nominations, Adele has 7 nominations, Lizzo has 6 nominations, and Taylor Swift has 4 nominations. What’s the excuse to say they discriminate against women?

4. The US is quiet, but where is the chaos abroad? Southeast Asia?

5. Where did those foreign fans come from???? I’m really curious

6. What does it have to do with discrimination against women?ㅋㅋㅋ It’s so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

7. Before going to the Grammys, go to the Billboard and the AMAs first

8. If they were nominated, what song would they be nominated for?

9. As an ARMY, I think BLACKPINK is also amazing as a Korean girl group. I think it’s great that two groups like BTS and BLACKPINK are doing so well on the Billboard Hot 100 and they’re setting records for girl group! Stop hating on them

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