Foreign fans definitely value the skills of the idols

Foreign fans definitely value the skills of the idols

Honestly, it’s not that all BTS members are handsome. They have good skills, of course, sometimes they make mistakes while singing live

It’s not that all Stray Kids members are handsome

But there’s no 4th generation male idol who sings live as well as Stray Kids and Stray Kids write their own songs

The Boyz has many fans in Korea because of their good looks. Because they have no skills, they lip-sync all the time, so they are at the bottom in terms of popularity overseas

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1. [+108, -12] BTS has performed not once or twice but hundreds of thousands of times, but since they sing live every time, they sometimes make mistakes. They are popular because they are good at dancing and perform well on stageㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you talking as if there’s only one factor that makes a good idol group?

2. [+87, -2] Why do you keep bashing BTS while talking about Stray Kids? It’s not smart to bash a group that goes on stadium tours with skill or live performance

3. [+86, -3] They have good skills and good looks, but why aren’t they as popular as BTS? Why does all the luck only go to BTS?.. Every singer achieves popularity for some reason and if you don’t have your efforts and skills, you won’t be able to succeed in the US. In countless live performances, sometimes you can make mistakes.. It’s still better than singers who lip sync. No matter how hard they try, there’s no singer who is as successful as BTS

4. [+41, -51] This is true. In foreign countries, composing skills and performing well on stage are so important

5. [+15, -0] In Korea, looks come before skills, but in foreign countries, looks come after skills

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