Foreign fans definitely value the skills of the idols

Foreign fans definitely value the skills of the idols

Honestly, it’s not that all BTS members are handsome. They have good skills, of course, sometimes they make mistakes while singing live

It’s not that all Stray Kids members are handsome

But there’s no 4th generation male idol who sings live as well as Stray Kids and Stray Kids write their own songs

The Boyz has many fans in Korea because of their good looks. Because they have no skills, they lip-sync all the time, so they are at the bottom in terms of popularity overseas

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1. [+108, -12] BTS has performed not once or twice but hundreds of thousands of times, but since they sing live every time, they sometimes make mistakes. They are popular because they are good at dancing and perform well on stageㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you talking as if there’s only one factor that makes a good idol group?

2. [+87, -2] Why do you keep bashing BTS while talking about Stray Kids? It’s not smart to bash a group that goes on stadium tours with skill or live performance

3. [+86, -3] They have good skills and good looks, but why aren’t they as popular as BTS? Why does all the luck only go to BTS?.. Every singer achieves popularity for some reason and if you don’t have your efforts and skills, you won’t be able to succeed in the US. In countless live performances, sometimes you can make mistakes.. It’s still better than singers who lip sync. No matter how hard they try, there’s no singer who is as successful as BTS

4. [+41, -51] This is true. In foreign countries, composing skills and performing well on stage are so important

5. [+15, -0] In Korea, looks come before skills, but in foreign countries, looks come after skills

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Stray kids are the ugliest bullies


and their music sucks. not a single redeeming quality 💀


Tbh, BTS might not be bullies but they are the ugliest male idols. Most specifically Rap MONSTER 😭


BTS is successful for a reason. I don’t get why they still downgrade BTS when they already proved so much.


Because kpopies can’t stand the fact that BTS coming from a bankrupt company managed to become very successful all over the world thanks to their talent and effort and Army’s support. They know that their favs will never reach that level and it makes them angry. 


his stats alone shows that he is the most succesfull solo so far


while cant sing for shit


Jennie getting boddied by locals for the shit show she put on a few days ago as well as her participation in IDOL and yet you have time to hate on JIMIN, a more relevant and in demand idol in the west. no wonder midpink gotta beg for sales


Why this bullykidz fandom keep linking bts with their flop?


the only way they can get people to at least know their name is to attach it to BTS. its the oldest trick in the kpop book.


Lol. Yeontan is even more popular and have more engagement than your flopkidz lol

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I think the foreign do care about looks tbh like there are people stanning by teasers alone , pre-debut stans exist and that’s saying something 😭 unless those members are like loona route where each one of them released a song before their group’s official debut then I will understand or like baemon but it’s not like that at all. People out here stanning newjeans even before knowing the members 😭 and the name of the group


5. [+15, -0] In Korea, looks come before skills, but in foreign countries, looks come after skills
Really glad you know what you are doing


first person gets it, thank you very much!! bts are gorgeous men, of course, and i’m not gonna deny that their looks are also one of the reasons why some armys are around here.
but, the most important thing about them, besides the excellent music, is that they are astonishing performers. sure, they make mistakes much as everyone does, but the thing about them is that they never half-ass their shit. they’re always giving their 110%.


I can never get where do these homeless kids’ strays get all of this overconfidence from?? Ur fave is not popular ANYWHERE. Neither korea, nor internationally…so why do these btches behave as if they are stanning the biggest artist of the century??? Like all that ego for fckass straykidz??
And well i love that they are getting eaten up in the comments


I heard the Japanese fandom has deluded themselves into thinking they’re as big as BTS in the US and getting bigger. Looks like the delusion has spread to South Korea.


Thats funny af. Even twice and txt are bigger than this flopkidz


Excuse me TXT?!! 💀 girlie I think you need to get your eyes checked bc I see no 5 million pre orders for txt or 300m view MVS lmfao


What do armys have to do to remove these untalented ugly noise-music-making creatures off our nutsack??

The truth

Don’t compare BTS to bullies.

A good guest

I don’t think it’s entirely true tbh…cause of that was the reason there is a list of idol groups who shouldn’t even be famous outside of Korea to begin with. Starting with a particular group from YG. I will not say their name but if you know you know. And you will agree with me.


I’m completely put off SKZ altogether. You got a bully in the group. Another one made racial slurs to pretend like he’s good with rapping. And then the leader basically ignited the fandom to get IVE attacked when he admitted himself that it wasn’t IVE who he was talking about. When I had a hint of curiosity towards the group, there was something that always made me wanna stay away.


This is so funny bc the opposite is the truth


BTS are all handsome, even objectively speaking. Tho, I would say plenty of international fans also stan looks and some may stan looks alone (a lot of boy/girl bands or members have gotten by with just that, not just in kpop either).

But I would agree that artists’ skills, authenticity, and passion tend to be what keeps fans staying long-term past the “just a phase” limit.


Bullykids and other flop groups trying their best to seem like competition for BTS but only China and SEA tuning in. Maye their fans should focus on asking for actual music from these fads instead of trying to drag the undraggable BTS




Why are you talking abt bp too? Even rookies perform better than them lol


They’re really trying anything to put Stray Kids next to BTS.

Everything except streaming.

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