Former Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism speaks out about BTS’s sajaegi

“Suspicions about BTS’s sajaegi must be investigated fairly to be recognized as a developed country”

Former Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Sun-gyu appeared on Channel A’s news program broadcast on the 6th and said, “It seems BTS fans are angry after the complaint was filed with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Their anger is considered affection for BTS.”

At the same time, Former Deputy Minister Park Seon-gyu said, “It is impossible to predict the outcome of the investigation,” but added, “Fans will see it as a developed country conducting a fair investigation and give fair judgment to the group”

1. The verdict has already been made, what else do they have to investigate?

2. There’s no need for an investigation… there’s already the verdict…

3. What do they think about the Supreme Court’s verdict?

4. The verdict has already been made, so what are they investigating?

5. Why are they conducting an investigation? Just read the verdict out loud

6. Why do they keep investigating? They just need to read the verdict

7. Now that the verdict has been made, HYBE should give an explanation instead of just saying no

8. Why do they keep ignoring the verdict?

9. No, but I’m really curious. There’s the verdict, so what are they going to investigate…?

10. What kind of investigation is this?

11. Please read the verdict

12. They are ignoring the judiciary

13. In fact, they know it’s the truth, but aren’t they still continuing to deny the truth?

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