France is expected to be THE Next Big Market to Conquer for K-pop

The global phenomenon of K-pop has been steadily expanding its reach, captivating audiences around the world. While South Korea remains the epicenter of this musical genre, a new contender has emerged as the next big market to conquer: France. Known for its rich cultural heritage and love for music, France has become a prime destination for K-pop acts to showcase their talent and establish a solid fanbase. With recent milestones and increasing interest, it is clear that France is poised to become a significant player in the K-pop industry

Firstly, Blackpink’s Spectacular Success

The groundbreaking success of Blackpink, one of the most prominent K-pop girl groups, highlights the immense potential of the French market. Blackpink’s recent concert at the Stade de France witnessed a sold-out crowd, prompting organizers to release additional tickets due to overwhelming demand. This feat underscores the growing popularity of K-pop in France, as fans eagerly embraced the opportunity to witness their favorite idols in person. They are without any doubt the biggest K-pop act in the country, followed (not by far) by BTS.

Then, the impact is also visible on charts. Stray Kids and Enhypen, two rising K-pop boy groups, have made a resounding impact on the French music scene. Upon their respective album releases, Stray Kids and Enhypen secured the top two positions on the Syndicat National de l’Édition Phonographique (SNEP) charts, showcasing their widespread appeal. Additionally, Stray Kids’ hit single “5 Stars” remained in the top 10 of the SNEP for an impressive three weeks, solidifying their position as a chart-topping group.

Renowned international artists and French music icons have expressed their desire to collaborate with K-pop acts, particularly Blackpink. DJ Snake, David Guetta, Aya Nakamura, and Stromae have all publicly stated their interest in working with Blackpink or its members. These cross-cultural collaborations hold immense potential for furthering the global reach of K-pop while bridging the gap between Western and Korean music industries.

The growing interest in K-pop among French audiences has led to a surge in television programs that focus on K-pop idols learning French. These shows not only offer entertainment value but also demonstrate the dedication of K-pop idols in connecting with their international fanbase. By learning the French language, these idols aim to establish a deeper connection with their French-speaking fans and enhance their performances on French soil.

France, renowned for its fashion industry, has become a meeting ground for K-pop stars and the world of high fashion. The presence of K-pop idols at prestigious fashion events in France has paved the way for unique collaborations and unprecedented photo opportunities. Witnessing the likes of Taehyung from BTS and Lisa from Blackpink coming together in these events further cements France as a cultural hub where K-pop and fashion intertwine.

France has long been regarded as a powerhouse in the world of music, with its vibrant music scene and history of producing influential artists. The country’s market size and cultural significance make it an ideal platform for K-pop acts to expand their global presence. As the world continues to embrace the K-pop phenomenon, France’s rich musical heritage and passionate audience provide a promising landscape for further growth and success.

With Blackpink’s historic sold-out concert, the dominance of Stray Kids and Enhypen on the French charts, interest from global music icons, language learning programs, and fashion collaborations, it is evident that France is poised to become the next significant market for K-pop. The French audience’s enthusiasm for this genre and their appreciation for diverse musical styles reaffirm the country’s position as a major player in the world of music. As K-pop continues its global ascent, France’s love.

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Blonks are the most delusional beings in the whole planet. 🤣🤣 But then again, blonks are specialist in self-deception 🤣


“They are without any doubt the biggest K-pop act in the country, followed (not by far) by BTS.”

bruh… bts sold out stade de france in 2019 for 2 dates… and have only grown there since… even Yoongi’s solo album went #1 on the french album chart…


As an actual French person I can tell you right now no one here gives a shit about bp. BTS are 100% the biggest kpop act here by FAR. Their sales and streams are MILES ahead every body else, and the GP only knows them. Vous êtes trop ridicules à mytho comme ça.


I know my universe specifically popular in europe. Just like in US, Bp always huge mediaplay but no actual stats to back up.


Pas vrai, quand tu dit kpop ici il n’y a pas une fois ou dans la reponse ya pas blackpink, et si tu dit bts, on pense direct à bac +2 (étude)

va te faire foutre

nous savons tous les deux que blackpink est rien en france, a moins que tu sois assez stupide pour croire a ces absurdites alors qu’ils n’arrivent meme pas a vendre leurs tickets 😂😂


As French myself i can tell BTS is well hated there and we cheer, even the radios (RTL coucou) and the TV news do not respect them. Tu as le sum avoues.

super sally

We know you’re a blink, stop trying to put hate on literally every single person, when your own faves are in the trenches.


She’s right though, kpop in France is not big and bts are the only one (with bp sometimes when they talk globally about kpop in general) who have a little impact but they’re the target of many malicious comment on radio or on tv it’s rare to see them being praise without the people linking them only being a teen addiction with kids who makes their parents lose money to see them


just another day of blinks being delusional 💀

2019 BTS touring stadiums in France while 2023 BP is struggling to sell Le Stade de France (the same stadium BTS sold out in 2019) despite the tickets being on sale since March but yes, come on pannkpop dot com and tell us how BP are apparently more popular. rocks for brains.


Have they sold out their Metlife & Allegiant Stadium that they reduce to 50% capacity yet? I check the Stade de France, and it says still got seats


BP stadium still not sold out… be humble


Wait it isnt??? Yikes. I thought theyvwere the queens of frnace what happened lol


Media play, friends. Media play.


I don’t think so to be very honest. Let’s not talk into the air and base the stuff of statistics. France is on top 5 in the most music consumer nations but on the last place after USA Japan UK and Germany. But that’s not it only. Based on surveys the data shows USA and Japan are the most absorbing nations in terms of music than the European countries. The European countries usually are not invested in your music and even if they become one it’s not a certainty they will be with you in the future. This why stars like Adele Harry Styles Ellie Goulding still do promotions of their music in Europe seperately. Most of the times Europeans are not even aware of other culture music that often. They tend to stick to their roots more. Even if they are a fashion capital they are not really invested in the popularity of a person if they themselves don’t know about them. There is like 1% chance of France becoming like kpop market. Because they are most likely to don’t become one. Only potential country of Europe is UK and based on stats. It’s pretty clear apart from some you really can’t accept everyone to be invested in kpop. I mean it’s just not their cup of tea and they are valid for it. USA and Japan with southeast Aisa and China remains the biggest consumers of kpop stuff. And if kpop groups need stability their main focus should be to hold either one of these markets as their main account.

Teenaged puppy

There is no western country that BP is beating BTS in. Blinks are on crack and it’s laced


BTS already conquered France, years ago, they have had several concerts in the biggest stadium of that country. 


This fkn mediaplay lmao. Yg is going to pull a yg. Its thabks to BTS these groups have any kind of success. They oaved the way. French stans are all multis and the ppl going to these groups shows either were or still armys


Blonkers, the never be original. They hate ARMY but they love to copy them. Can’t even come up with their own insult. Amusingly pathetic 😊

Last edited 2 months ago by BlinkPink

Shimi, stop being a liar


France is one of the most difficult charts – Blackpink is doing good there, 70k concert in coming, good amount of spins almost once a day on radio, charting, selling. Purple whales mad as fck.


bp couldn’t sell out their concert 😂


blonks wrote this


Isn’t france racist asf towards asians tho




I live in France and many people know kpop because of blackpink, I mean even the First Lady invited her and the most attented concert by a kpop artist is going to be held in France by BP. Love these girls a lot!!!




Slutmin and Vapehyung partying and doing drugs in france got theses ratmy bitches thinking btshit is popular in france. It’s all media play by HYBE and whoremin sucked bang pd cocks for it. They can’t even sold-out mere arenas in their own country, much less France.


btass?? heck no, France doesn’t even know these pedo guys other. Nobody actually knows shitty ugly btshit other than some randos on twitter who think 5-6 people means a big fandom.


Blackpink paved the way!!! Before you come at me, look at my username. Better worry about your suicidal depressed pedo boys crying about how sad and struggle-filled their lives were. I know Slutmin throat hurts after sucking BangPD’s dick to do some mediaplay for them. Pray they don’t die before the military. They deserve to die actually because they tried to evade military. LMAOOOO


BTS fans being delulu again. Who let these idiots out? BTS is not big anywhere outside of Twitter. Can’t even do a sold-out stadium concert in France.


Blackpink having the most attended concert of all-time in K-pop with France is really a big deal. Really paving the way for other groups, unlike btshit who paid for it.


bts ain’t nowhere close to being on BP’s level. BP’s success is organic and these girls worked hard for it. BTS have been playing sympathy card for so long and hybe has been buying awards, views, streams, followers and interviews, promoting them everywhere, and bang pd keeps mentioning bp and pushing bts to do and react to whatever bp does, even better for hybe and bts if any of the bp’s member is there in the same event so that bts members could get a pic and a five minute clout. All of bts’s success is depended on BP. BTS and BP became big at the same time because bp brought major attention to kpop. bts and fans should be on their kness thnking bp for saving them and kpop from flopping.

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