G-Dragon becoming a visiting professor at KAIST’s Department of Mechanical Engineering received divided opinions

G-Dragon became a visiting professor at KAIST’s Department of Mechanical Engineering

On the 5th, KAIST announced that G-Dragon has been appointed as a visiting professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

G-Dragon is scheduled to give a special lecture on leadership to undergraduate and graduate students. The purpose is to share the experiences and life of a world-class artist to provide KAIST students with vision and insight into the world as well as the challenges and inspiration to pioneer in their own field

1. Does KAIST also have an ambassador?

2. I think a great album will be released after those activities end

3. Please give me an album

4. I think learning from GD will be more fun and useful in life than learning from the kids talking nonsense in the comments section here..​​​ And his album will be released in the second half of the year, right?

5. Is KAIST crazy?

6. The kids who say there’s nothing to learn from him, please become successful like G-Dragon and then speak up

7. Let’s release an album

8. I’m so jealous of KAIST students. They can receive world-class experience and advice. This will be an opportunity for them to expand their horizons when conducting research

9. I’m surprised that a criminal became a visiting professor

10. I just feel jealous of KAIST students

11. I think they invited GD because they wanted to combine technology and art. Didn’t you read the article?

12. If I were a student, I would think I’m wasting my tuition money

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