Game OST produced by BTS Suga

Our Island

1. The song is so soft, Yoongi-ah, I really like it

2. He’s good at this genre too ㅠㅠ

3. The song is so good

4. I like this kind of music, so I searched for it and my idol made it for me.. I’m crying

5. He’s really good at everything ㅠㅠ

6. What can’t Min PD-nim do?

7. Well, it’s so good, can I download this??

8. MinPD is really a genius ㅠㅠ I was being healed,,,

9. No, he’s good at this genre too ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. Wow it’s so good… As expected, MinPD

11. There’s nothing MinPD can’t do ㅠㅠㅠ

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every time BTS says they’re going to take a break, take a vacation, rest… it’s the period that the army receives the most content from them


He almost never gets to produce the actual groups title track and album tracks these days but hybe got him wasting time doing this


he already said that he’s never going to produce a song for kpop groups, it’s pretty embarrassing that armys never pay attention to bts words & always saying ‘I want’ please act like a normal fan


Oh, didn’t know that. I knew suga produced song for female artists eg suran,IU,heize,lee sora, but never encounter about he won’t produce for kpop group. I saw their talk on kbs last yr, n i hope 1 day he can produce bts album. For me, they were no longer idol group, they are an artist.


when did he say he would never produce for kpop groups? he said once he wanted to produce title tracks for bts though

Disqus pls

In a Vogue interview he said other kpop groups would be too much responsibility. He only talked about other kpop groups. Pretty sure he will keep producing for BTS for the rest of their career.


No he meant produce a kpop group. Like how Bang PD basically produced them as a group. As for producing songs, he’s very open to working with many artists including idols.


nope, he said NO to producing kpop groups because it’s a lot of responsibility in vogue kr.

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im not sure what he meant on vogue kr, but recently he said he was open to anything.


He has made many of bts old songs and he literally told the members he has so many songs stashed away that he made for the group in mind. You’re the one not paying attention even Seesaw was originally for the group

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op missed an apostrophe and meant bts title track, “group’s”. which he usually tries to do aside his solo work. iirc, he was finalist for BE title track though in the end they chose life goes on


sounds like the bgm i hear when i played makeover and dress up in back then.


Pannkpop bring back disqus or its no longer worth it to be on this site lol


lol kdrama ost


I love this kind musics. Soooo gooood 🥺❤️

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