(G)I-DLE is getting praises with ‘Allergy’ Official MV

(G)I-DLE – ‘Allergy’ Official MV

1. I like the song, the music video is interesting and the lyrics are good

2. The song is so good. It’s like a pop song. The music video is good too

3. No, how is this a pre-release song? The song is so good

4. Jeon Soyeon is a genius

5. Isn’t this the title song? The song is good, the music video and the lyrics are good ㅠㅠ Something makes me cry ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. Wow, the song is really good,,, the music video is beautiful too

7. I just listened to the song, it’s good, the lyrics are good too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. The song is good and the MV is cute too

9. Out of all the songs I’ve listened to this year, this is my favorite

10. Even though it’s a b-side song, it’s really good..!

11. The music video is really good!! Honestly, I can’t hear the lyrics well, but I can understand their meaning through the music video

12. Hul, Miyeon’s chorus is so good

13. Something reminds me of 2NE1! Miyeon is amazing, the song is so good

14. Wow the MV is so good, the song is good too

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Gidle is really amazing. They just keep exceeding people’s expectation even when others refuse to acknowledge the competition they bring in


Soyeon cringes as she always do on top of being a try hard


It’s like a pop song.” because it is? They’re not a metal band as far as i know


As someone with allergies, i downvote this song. should rename it as Disease.


Ironically, it seems they are trying to go for an American concept, especially with how many foreigners they included. Still, instead, it just comes off more like a parody of what an Asian company thinks Western or American pop is like. Like something you would see from a Disney Channel original show with music in it but far more cringe. The lyrics are seriously bad and sound like they slapped together many buzzwords related to teens.

Not surprised Koreans are praising this when they also praised Tomboy despite Soyeon’s atrocious rap as well as Nude, but I can assure anyone that this pre-release is not going to do well overseas at all.

As for Soyeon, I really have to wonder what went wrong. I know many people complained about her nasal tone, but for the longest time, I always found her voice very charming and unique. The same is true with AOA Jimin and Hyuna. Their tones sort of gave me Harley Quinn vibes. But ever since Tomboy, it’s like I can’t stand to hear Soyeon’s voice, even though she sounded good in all their previous tracks. Is she forcing her tone even stronger on purpose now or what?

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