(G)I-DLE Minnie is causing controversy because of her outfit right now

Minnie’s controversial outfit

[+386, -33]

1. [+369, -108] I don’t care if she’s on stage or not, I hate these types of outfits.. It reminds me of Justin Bieber..

2. [+239, -22] Wow, how can she have no belly fat..?

3. [+222, -100] Those clothes look disgusting

4. [+212, -45] You’re making up your own controversiesㅋㅋ

5. [+127, -5] Minnie didn’t do anything wrong, but why are their clothes so weird these days..? They have those under-boob clothes and the clothes don’t even look like clothes anymore;

6. [+83, -78] Hey guys, I don’t feel like that outfit is for an idol

7. [+72, -9] Why is it controversial?

8. [+23, -9] Didn’t Lisa wear something like that?

9. [+19, -2] I doubted my eyes

10. [+17, -3] As a fan, even if I see it, it’s crazy and I don’t want to watch it

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attention seeker

spicy spice

it’s good if she wear it for photoshoots or something like that but it doesn’t suitable for stage outfit, imo. it just too low for an activity that requiries lots of movements.


How did she manage to keep the pants that way? It looks like any moment it would slide down her hips I just can’t


Jennie is always in a bikini everywhere so this is nothing. Atleast Minnie has a good body. BP girls are flat as hell.


The only controversy is how ugly those pants are

Lazy Banana

Seriously what is controversial about that except that the pants don’t look good…


Knetizens mad cos they are just jealous they cant wear something hip like that LOL

Kpop Boomer

Minnie looks hot and she knows it. The low-rider / thong combo is back baby, lets goo, lol

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