(G)I-DLE Yuqi explains why she chose to debut in Cube instead of SM

(G)I-DLE Yuqi “I also auditioned for SM… Chose Cube for debuting quickly”

Yuqi auditioned for SM’s Beijing auditions four times. Then she auditioned for CUBE Entertainment

Yuqi was called up by both CUBE and SM at the same time. She decided on the former after the director at that time promised her a debut by the next year

Yuqi confessed, “At that time, the director of Cube said, ‘If you sign a contract with our company, you can debut next year’, so I chose Cube.”

1. Is she Chinese?

2. She must have struggled a lot between debuting right away or being in the same agency as the idols she admires

3. Yuqi’s vocals are so important to (G)I-DLE’s songs, and she seems to fit the team’s colors so well, so it seems like a win-win

4. She wouldn’t have debuted as Aespa even if she chose SM

5. I watched the show, and she was pretty, spoke Korean well and confidently, so she was so charming, but in the end, she played a traditional Chinese instrument

6. SM doesn’t choose female idols with hoarse voices

7. I like everything from Yuqi except she’s Chinese

8. I think she should be grateful to Jeon Soyeon for the rest of her life

9. Yuqi’s voice is good. It suits (G)I-DLE

10. I think Yuqi will debut wherever she goes. She sings well, has a cute face and good pronunciation. She speaks Korean well

11. Looking at this, it seems that luck and timing are important

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