Girl group member who has the perfect ‘hot girl’ image


1. I agree, she’s a hot girl

2. Huh Yunjin is a hot girl

3. She’s good at taking pictures

4. How can her eye color be like that?,,, I really want to see her eyes up close,,

5. I agree, hot girl Huh Yunjin

6. I envy her..

7. Her aura is really cool

8. I shouted Huh Yunjin, she’s definitely a hot girl in New York

9. I love her these days… I’m a girl, but I don’t know, I like her anyway

10. I shouted Huh Yunjin

11. That’s right… She really looks like a hot girl from a foreign school

12. She’s a hot queen

13. As expected, I thought of Huh Yunjin

14. I came here and thought about Yunjin

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