Girl groups’ comeback lineup in August is already bustling

To celebrate their 15th debut anniversary, they will be making a full comeback in about 6 years
2nd generation female idol

After their world tour, their comeback is expected at the end of August
The top girl group of the 3rd generation

After military service (?), their comeback is scheduled for August
The biggest world tour in the world
The top girl group of the 3rd generation

1. It’s coming, it’s coming, BLACKPINK is finally coming after being discharged from the army

2. SNSD!!! I’ve been waiting for their comeback for a long time

3. I’m looking forward to TWICE

4. BLACKPINK??? Daebak

5. The lineup is amazing!

6. SNSD is the one top girl group of the 2nd generation, and TWICE and BLACKPINK are the top girl groups of the 3rd generation. The reason why TWICE and BLACKPINK are not the one top 3rd generation girl groups is because there is competition between the two groups

7. I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK

8. BLACKPINK, from music to fashion, can’t wait

9. Well, BLACKPINK and TWICE will compete on the charts

10. BLACKPINK is finally here

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