Go Yoon Jung, who seems to be inheriting the pedigree of the prettiest actresses these days

1. In terms of beauty and acting, she seems to stand out the most among actresses of the same age

2. There is no other actress at that age as pretty as Go Yoon Jung, I think she’s the prettiest

3. She’s so pretty, she has a good personality and her acting is good

4. Lee Young Ae, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, and Go Yoon Jung

5. She’s so pretty and her acting is so good

6. She’s so pretty, Yoon Jung-ah, you are the prettiest actress in my eyes these days

7. Goddess, she’s also good at acting, I really like her

8. She’s f*cking pretty.. Go Yoon Jung’s voice is also so charming

9. I watched Moving, and her acting is good, she’s so pretty

10. Her face, voice, and way of speaking are all perfect, she’s so pretty and amazing

11. Every time I see Go Yoon Jung, I’m surprised because she’s so pretty

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All these new actresses look the same to me. Atleast Young ae, tae hee, jun jihyun and hye Kyo had their own distinct natural visuals. Based on her pre debut pic, Yoon Jung went to a surgeon with a pic of Lee young ae and asked for her face.


G-IDLE’s Mi Yeon looks a lot like her.

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