Goo Hye Sun explains why she gained weight recently

Goo Hye Sun explains her change in appearance, “I gained weight because I was heartbroken”

1. Is she okay?? I’m really worried about her

2. Even if she’s fat, she still looks pretty

3. Pretty people are still pretty even when they gain weight

4. Wow, I can’t imagine what Goo Hye Sun looks like when she gains weight, but she’s so cute

5. She’s still pretty even when she’s fat

6. But why does she need to explain her change in appearance..?

7. She’s fat, but she’s so cute ㅋㅋ

8. She has nice skin so even if she gains weight, she still looks pretty

9. I hope she lives comfortably even if she gains weight

10. You can gain a little weight, you don’t need to explain to us

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