Guys, BLACKPINK Rosé was legendary today

Guys, Rosé was legendary today

[+140, -68]

1. [+45, -18] Rosé’s unique aura seems to be irreplaceable

2. [+43, -11] Chaeng Saint Laurent can’t fail

3. [+36, -13] Freaking cool

4. [+31, -8] Dua Lipa Rosé

5. [+27, -6] Her legs are so pretty

6. [+17, -1] I don’t think Saint Laurent’s clothes are good, but it’s perfect for Rosé

7. [+17, -2] That’s why she’s called Chaeng-Laurent

8. [+14, -0] Her aura is crazy

9. [+14, -6] Among celebrities, she has the life that I envy the most

10. [+11, -2] The outfit is so pretty.. Why is she so luxurious?

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funny how yg sends stiffsoo and chinsé to all the fashion shows while keeping the real queens in the basement. way to admit they’re terrified of jenlisa’s impact and letting them shine.


Worry about uncel Jungloo and his scammer girlfriend

Queen b

Tell me you’re dumb without actually telling me you’re dumb. Lisa already went to celine show last week and chanel show isnt starting yet dumb fuck


Funny how you write this hateful comment with disgusting mind meanwhile jennie is living is best life you will never experience till you die


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Taste that savage

Mother is Mothering


Just queen things 👸


Damn she got a long ass chin


Coming from jhorse fan lmfao


Chinsè opens cans of beans for slutpink’s dinner using her chin. She’s so helpful uwu


Jeremy slut


Wondering why you come here to comment when you don’t like her . What has your parents done to you


These ppl are bg stan. Pathetic lewser and they are all mostly female yikes


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One of her weakest looks


Bottom barrel commenters here. 😭

seungri is free

in the same clothes always. 🙂 Looks like a homeless slut

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