Han So Hee promotes Jungkook’s new song on her Instagram

Han So Hee’s Instagram Story

Han So Hee is the female lead in BTS Jungkook’s solo song ‘SEVEN’ MV

‘SEVEN’ will be released on Monday at 1pm

1. Thank you

2. I’m looking forward to the music video on the 14th

3. Han So Hee seems to be the best among actresses these days

4. I love you Han So Hee

5. Oh, I’m so curious and looking forward to it

6. A music video that Jungkook and Han So Hee made together, daebak

7. I’m looking forward to the song and Han So Hee’s acting

8. It’s already so good!!! The quality of the music video is amazing

9. She’s so pretty, she’s the best actress, she’s good at acting, and I’m looking forward to it

10. I’m curious about the behind the scenes

11. I’m really curious about the music video, I want to see it soon

12. Jungkook doesn’t have Instagram, but Han So Hee promoted it. Thank you

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