Harry Styles was spotted at the restaurant that BLACKPINK recommended

1. No, he went to a meat restaurant and only ate the soybean paste stew.. This is so funny

2. He’s in Korea….. Why didn’t I know this? I’m curious about the location of the restaurant

3. Did BLACKPINK recommend a meat restaurant to a vegan? I guess they didn’t know he was vegan

4. BLACKPINK is so sweet, they even paid in advanceㅋㅋㅋ They are all warm and cute

5. He’s vegan, but did he go to a meat restaurant? This is so funny

6. Awhile ago, I think it was a Chanel event, I think there was a video of Harry Styles watching Jennie perform, so they must have become friends

7. Wow, Harry Styles went to Korea.. ㅠㅠ BLACKPINK is so sweet

8. I’m glad that BLACKPINK took care of him and Harry also ate what he could eat

9. Wow, it’s great that he’s close with BLACKPINK, but it’s a pity that they don’t know he’s veganㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I’m so jealous, I want to meet Harry too

11. Was there any chance for BLACKPINK and Harry to become friends??

12. BLACKPINK is so sweet

13. He’s close with BLACKPINK, this is amazing

14. I’m so jealous of him, BLACKPINK bought him food

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Another episode of BP trying to stay relevant through western artists


Isn’t like they ever bragged about their western artists friends unlike some idols 🙄


Another episode of people make a big fuss over a restaurant. That was just a kind action why would it mean anything?


BTS has no foreign friends. It’s actually hilarious. Only overweight female incels actually care about BTS.

The only time foreign musicians care about BTS is if they are using BTS to get publicity.

I'm a vegan but I love eating meat

As a vegan, eating meat is delicious especially wagyu or hanwoo meats. surprised non-vegans people don’t eat meat at all.


no but why blackpink didnt ask if harry is a vegan or not? it’s funny yet sounds ignorant


A vegan should tell people they are vegan if they are talking about food


Poor Harry. He grilled the side dish and ate that instead lol might as well buy food from convenience store


Take your fake concern somewhere else


Always so kind. Queens


Slutnnie the meat whore


bp being obsessed by white men as always


As it should be.

According to dating website data, Asian women are the most desired women and White men are the most desired men.

They just go together well.


Of course slutnnie would suggest a meat shop… she’s obsessed with meat in her mouth🍆🍆

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