Has the relationship between the fandoms of singers under HYBE changed?

In the past, fandoms hated singers being lumped together under HYBE, but nowadays, they accept it

The relationship has become more comfortable

1. Isn’t it just that they respect each other?

2. They seem to be satisfied with what the singers are enjoying as HYBE artists, and the singers get along well

3. You can feel that they are the same company, the artists are so close to each other

4. First of all, I like it because the singers seem to respect each other and get along

5. Anyway, the relationship between the fandoms is much better now

6. Of course, compared to the fandoms of singers from SM, YG, and JYP, the fandoms of singers HYBE are much closer

7. I still don’t like tying them together.. but there’s no reason to complain about it

8. Seeing the singers get along like that makes me happy

9. That’s because they’re all doing well

10. They’re all doing well so there’s no reason to complain about it

11. Anyway, nothing happened~ They’re doing well

12. Because HYBE singers look close to each other

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