Has V’s style changed after dating Jennie?

How do you feel when you see the couple V and Jennie?

When it comes to love, things like fashion seem to be the sameㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think I’ve ever seen V wearing a scarf knotted like that, but after meeting Jennie, his style has gotten better

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1. [+49, -11] You really don’t know about V. V loves scarves and always wears them well

2. [+41, -6] Why do these idiots eat and drink just to survive?

3. [+38, -9] Coordi is doing it, stop bull$hitting

4. [+22, -25] No matter what V does, he’s not stylish, is it because he looks like a Southeast Asian or because his body proportions are not good?

5. [+14, -14] His previous way of knotting a scarf was different, right? I guess he met Jennie and did the same thing as Jennie

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