Haters are spreading V-Jennie’s photos and saying why their agencies didn’t say anything?

Why did V and Jennie’s agencies say nothing?

Now, while this photo is going viral

Isn’t it something the company should manage?

They would really kill someone like this…;;

[+22, -24]

1. [+24, -0] First of all, it’s the photo that Jennie posted on Instagram

2. [+17, -0] It’s the photo that Jennie posted on her personal Instagram, so why did you edit it and make it look like the leaked photo?

3. [+7, -0] ? The photo above is from before her phone was hacked, right?

4. [+4, -1] You pretended to be worried about her and then you posted leaked photos

5. [+3, -0] And then you are spreading the leaked photos

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But I wasn’t done

Anyway Tae was living peacefully before she came in with her leaked photos and shady friends. She should take responsibility for inconveniencing his life. Change your damn password dummy


As if he didnt follow her on purpose first of all yikes

WhatsThe Point

And y’all have been holding onto that accidental unfollow ever since. Let’s talk abt how y’all blinks scramble to deny and debunk jendragon but will hype anything remotely related to tae and j


Lmao jendragon is over. Move on, shes happily dating your oppa while u can continue dreaming

But I wasn’t done

Not comparable to this shit show but thanks for trying ig


But was that her fault?? how is someone hacking into her acc her fault?? Yall dvmb btch


you really deserve the worst! taehyung already had a bad reputation because of his bad behavior toward fans, and netizens criticized him. jennie’s inappropriate photos got leaked, she is the one who got hurt because of this incident. I hope you get the worst


Pann is always full of bts antis. Don’t act like you don’t know this. And if you judge tae’s behavior only by videos it will make you stupid. Tae got enough hate for this, get the fuck out


so did jennie. and you guys act like this relationship is mutual and all happened because of her. this is sick


And guess what? You are the only worst one here. 🤡


i am the only human here, you guys literally bully jennie when she did nothing wrong

But I wasn’t done

Nah, taehyung never had a bad reputation and blinks tryna give him one doesn’t make it so. But let’s talk about Jennie slut shaming and bullying scandals being buried when she became an idol… Tae never had that. It’s funny because her fandom want her to be a feminist queen so bad.

Tae remains the victim of Jennie’s carelessness. Accept your girl is a clown and go to hell


well, what bullying scandals? there is no scandal you shitty army wanted to create these scandals but it never happened. And I am sorry but if you think Jennie is and bully and slut, your fav is literally dating her so what to say? I don’t know if your aggressiveness is because she is dating him or another thing, but in both cases, Jennie is still a winner.


and I want to remind you that everything started when taehyung followed her in Instagram. you clowns remember?


Oh fuck off you and all the misogynistic cretins up voting you. Your oppar followed her on IG first while he was obviously pursuing her and she got flack for that. Did he take responsibility??? But she should take responsibility for being violated?? For taking pictures of her and her boyfriend like everyone else?? They are both victims I this situation, but Jennie even more so cos SHE was violated, her last bit of privacy taken, the hacker has every picture on her incloud or whatever even ones she would never post of herself that are personal, pictures of her fucking family. Army’s better not come here with the “We aren’t sending Jennie hate” bullshit cos that’s all a facade but on sites like this and on the dark corners of twitter you guys show what you’re really like and how you really feel about this situation. Bunch of freaks he’s a grown man and he’s never going to fuck you


Talking shit with no facts as usual


For the same reason they don’t comment on taekook or jenlisa photos: those are edits.

Not ur typa girl

Boring lah cakap bi. Bek ckp bahasa . Yang faham je faham.


Go bestie!! Get em!

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