“He knows everything about himself” BTS V Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful days’ concept film

BTS V photobook Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful days’ concept film

1. I like this concept, he’s so handsome

2. I like the way he rides

3. This concept is crazy ㅠㅠ

4. This concept is really good

5. The concept is so perfect ㅠㅠ

6. It’s a face I want to see in a drama

7. Taehyung, you’re so handsome ㅜㅜ

8. It’s like a movie

9. Kim Taehyung is crazy ㅠㅠㅠ

10. He seems to know the concept that suits him well… Crazy

11. I can’t believe this face is from the same nationality as me

12. V seems to know what he looks like, he knows everything about himself, such as choosing the concept, setting the atmosphere and facial expressions

13. Wow he looks like a noble

14. He’s a prince ㅠㅠㅠ He’s handsome, but even his aura is crazy

15. Grandma’s first love

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The next star to play Mr. Darcy bc look at him!


Written by Jane Austen, bet he is a fan and I love it ♡ ,you always blow my mind Kim Taehyung

WhatsThe Point

Mr. Varcy, this is such a taesque concept


I really want to see him in historical or period drama, someone please make this happen😭😭


That part where he was riding the bicycle and the smile plz cast him in a drama 😭 his aura is just so enchanting


The concept is crazy. Taehyung’s vision is so amazing, aesthetic and beautiful. Like the amount of thought put into this concept, the direction, shots, the attention to detail, props used, art…. He is living his dream as a victorian era man and he has so much more depth, substance, soul, intrigue than other kpop idols or people his age. It’s incredible

Also I love how when given freedom he explores his interests and inspirations to the max. He has always admired artists, the depth they convey, talked about art films, the direction, the acting, the way he recommends us classical singers, his jazz loving soul and talks to us about all the people he looks up to and why they touch his heart, he is so well versed, knowledgeable and knows how to incorporate these things while giving his own feel to it. This concept really reflects his soul and its everything he has always talked about in his vlives and interviews. He is also exploring his director/photographer abilities and vision. Taehyung’s creativity was already reflected in bts be album and in multiple run show episodes but this takes it to another level. Being a taehyung fan for 7 years now has been such a fun ride because of the absolute charismatic, intriguing and talented man that he is.


The prettiest

Dot com

The dreamy romantic


He looked so cute when he was riding a horse back in 2016. Now, he looks so dashingly handsome. The concept is really good.


It’s like a good wine, I can’t wait to buy this photo-folio, it makes you want to hang the photos on the walls, this man is a work of art.  

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