“Her visuals are legendary these days” Karina changed her makeup shop and she really got prettier

Karina changed her makeup shop and she really has become prettier…

Karina’s makeup shop has changed, and the new makeup style is perfect for her

She is getting prettier and prettier these days

However, there are many people who feel sorry that Karina’s unique vibes have disappeared

But Karina is still pretty even without makeup..

1. She really lost a lot of weight ㅠㅠㅠ

2. Her face shape is crazy…..

3. How can one look like that?

4. She’s so pretty these days

5. Karina is a god..

6. Aespa members seem to be prettier with light makeup on, so pretty!!!!!!!!!!

7. I think the prettiest these days

8. Wow, her bare face is also legendary

9. Crazy, her face looks so pretty without makeup ㅠㅠㅠ

10. Her visuals are legendary these days

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Pretty Rina 🥰


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the first pic of her, the make up makes her looks like winter. or maybe the angle of the picture.

I've yujin

Legendary for being plastic monster
Shes hideous

Saint Seungri

Karina top, slvt wonyoung flop 🙂

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