“He’s been perfect since he was a kid” BTS V’s childhood pictures posted on his Instagram

BTS V’s childhood pictures posted on his Instagram

Instagram story update

1. He also posted pictures of Elle on Instagram, he’s really been a doll since he was a kid

2. He’s been really handsome since he was a kid

3. Wow, he looked so cute, so handsome

4. He’s been really pretty since he was a kid. He was a doll. He was so pretty

5. Wow, his features are brighter than my future

6. I want to see it in high resolution

7. Although the picture quality is poor, his features are amazing

8. I can see his ears, so cute

9. Cute and handsome

10. He’s so cute, he’s been perfect since he was a kid

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Wow those bad boy vibes, awesome, I need my copy of that magazine now! 


His features are brighter than my future no you did not have to call us out like that 😭

Baby tae is so cute trying to do damage control after 🥵


Say thank u dr kim for the hair transplant or else we’ll be seeing baldhyung


Just cause your fave is bald doesn’t mean you will project that on pretty boy lmao


Even he’s bald he’s still handsome lol can’t say the same about you or ur fav


Bro worry about your fav riding on bts popularity and hybes money that bts earned 🙄

Last edited 8 months ago by Lilii

Not blinkpink talking shit again as if Hagnnie not walking round looking like a bulldog by the face. Tell her to get that skin tightened up first


Tae could shave his whole head and still be the most beautiful person in the world. But YOUR fav with hundreds of surgeries still looks like a troll ☺


First worry about your favs face before worrying about taes hair. Like bfr😭


worry about your own failed life

Color color stan

Yes he’s perfect 100/10


Born to be loved


Casually posting childhood pictures as if not everyone was losing their minds about the ELLE pictures lmao I love Taehyung 😭


Someone jokingly called him posting cute babie pics after destroying us with those hot asf elle pics as “aftercare” and I haven’t been able to sleep since


Tae dumping a cold bucket of water over us after attacking us with thirst traps. Well played my boy


There is a more younger baby pic of him and he already look like how he is now. The big eyes are so pretty also

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