“His proportions aren’t good” BTS V attends Paris fashion show with real-time video

BTS V attends Paris fashion show with real-time video


1. V is so handsome

2. He’s so handsome, he has chic vibes

3. His proportions are not good, isn’t he 180?

4. Are you guys just trying to bash him? What’s wrong with his proportions in that video? Is V a model? Should he be 190?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you comparing him to the oversized bodyguards next to him?

5. Crazy ㅠㅠ I like his hairstyle

6. His face is amazing, his T-zone is crazy

7. I’m so jealous of his fans in Paris

8. Why is he so cute and pretty?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. I’m so jealous of the fans who have seen him in real life

10. V is one of those celebrities that I really want to see in real life

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kooky lgnd

bold of you to have the audacity to comment negatively about v in a post about him and u don’t even know basic information about him like his height
bring disqus back these comments look sucks

Last edited 11 months ago by kooky lgnd

nah disqus has so many antis that has been bashing tae non stop. it breaks my heart to read all that on pannchoa comments side.


they hate him cause it’s disastrous for them how he sweeped all the attentions with a simple departure.with disqus you can block them so you don’t see them bark also this comment box is too boring for shitting on them.


But did they lied tho saying his proportions isn’t good? No


Antis been on my man’s as/s since he got that instagram page jumpin. A clear threat was visualized and it was made worst with the dating rumor. Hopefully the fans protect this man from his enemies.


knetz are too used to filter/ ps/ photo apps that knetz can’t deal w reality. twice, bp, got7, wonderg every other kpop grp suddenly turns into the nugu next door or at most the school jock when they go overseas & foreign fans take normal pics w a phone instead of a huge pro dslr + ps/ filter/ edits/ pro-touch ups.


& 7 shades darker or a geisha mask & normal skin from the neck.


with all this hate he’s gonna be the new it boy i fear. and this is just him attending one event


His proportion isn’t good to be honest it is the truth


How??? Jimin has better proportions but how are Tae’s not good.


Tae is breathtaking when u see him in real life, I don’t understand the proportions comments, it’s just not true


man has one of the prettiest body curves a man could have from head to toe but let them cry i think.these days are so sad for them even though idk why

Last edited 11 months ago by roza



the most overrated visual in kpop


“His proportions aren’t good”≠ His face is not good. His proportions aren’t good, bc he looks shorter in real life, and his body propotion is not alike what its looks on his magazine pic. But it just about his proportion, his face is still handsome

Last edited 11 months ago by Jill123
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