Honestly, do you think Kim Garam will leave the group?

I don’t think she will leave the group

1. I really do not know

2. Even if she says she won’t leave the group, the company should kick her out of the group

3. But looking at the company’s statement, I think she will come out on the next comeback of the group..

4. I don’t think she will leave the group. But she has no skill, talent or anything so I can’t understand what HYBE is thinking

5. Seo Soojin left the group, I think she will leave the group too… Do you think they can bury her scandal? Never

6. If she doesn’t leave the group, the group will be disbanded

7. They will try promoting as a 5 member group, if the public opinion about Kim Garam is still not good, she will be kicked out of the group

8. She will be like Seo Soojin

9. Anyway, the group’s image is ruined

10. She’s leaving the group.. HYBE isn’t stupid

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