Honestly, if Kim Garam hadn’t left the group, Hong Eunchae would have been overshadowed

I don’t have any malice, but to be honest, Hong Eunchae had so few lines in FEARLESS, at that time I didn’t even know who Hong Eunchae was

But after Kim Garam left the group, Hong Eunchae took on the killing part in ANTIFRAGILE, she got many lines, now she’s the MC of Music Bank and model of Kirsch

Kim Garam’s departure from the group is probably a gift from heaven to Hong Eunchae

[+432, -166]

1. [+228, -83] I think if Kim Garam hadn’t left the group, she would have been the MC of the music show

2. [+200, -32] But she did well during ANTIFRAGILE promotions. It was the right decision for her to have bangs, she will definitely succeed~ ~

3. [+159, -33] I don’t think she’s overshadowed much;

4. [+153, -25] Stop bull$hitting, Hong Eunchae is popular because of her charms, not because of Kim Garamㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+131, -20] Hong Eunchae is so charming when she smiles

6. [+36, -10] If Kim Garam hadn’t left the group, people wouldn’t have cared about this group

7. [+25, -7] Isn’t she still overshadowed? Who knows her?

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