Honestly, if Kim Garam hadn’t left the group, Hong Eunchae would have been overshadowed

I don’t have any malice, but to be honest, Hong Eunchae had so few lines in FEARLESS, at that time I didn’t even know who Hong Eunchae was

But after Kim Garam left the group, Hong Eunchae took on the killing part in ANTIFRAGILE, she got many lines, now she’s the MC of Music Bank and model of Kirsch

Kim Garam’s departure from the group is probably a gift from heaven to Hong Eunchae

[+432, -166]

1. [+228, -83] I think if Kim Garam hadn’t left the group, she would have been the MC of the music show

2. [+200, -32] But she did well during ANTIFRAGILE promotions. It was the right decision for her to have bangs, she will definitely succeed~ ~

3. [+159, -33] I don’t think she’s overshadowed much;

4. [+153, -25] Stop bull$hitting, Hong Eunchae is popular because of her charms, not because of Kim Garamㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+131, -20] Hong Eunchae is so charming when she smiles

6. [+36, -10] If Kim Garam hadn’t left the group, people wouldn’t have cared about this group

7. [+25, -7] Isn’t she still overshadowed? Who knows her?

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dot com bubble

Pann girls badly wanted this girl to leave the group and fade into oblivion but they keep bringing her up for no reason 🙄


Very reminiscent of the treatment Yeri from Red Velvet gets. They kinda look similar too haha


this is true though. everyone was saying that eunchae only shined because garam left
even her own fans


eunchae would shine whether garam left or not, the only reason why she didn’t shine during fearless is because she was still new, she just debuted, what makes eunchae stand out is her personality and her charms which what we see rn and that’s because she’s already comfortable being an idol .


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7. [+25, -7] Isn’t she still overshadowed? Who knows her?

They live under the rock or what


Eunchae is Music Bank new MC you know that right


Eunchae’s personality and wittiness >>>> Garam


garam face >>>>> eunchae


Nahh. Eunchae>>>garam


Euncha ugly


go away visual stans. personality >>>>>>> visuals


And Eunchae still uglier


Let’s be honest if your fav was still in Le Sserafim the group wouldn’t have been popular. As soon as they released the statement that she would be removed Fearless started raising in chart positions


Duh. I’m sure Eunchae would’ve got popular eventually but Garam was basically going to be the next big visual idol. Sullyoon is pushed a lot but her group isn’t popular. Garam would’ve become a massive star and raked in CFs. Tbh feels like Le Sserafim were sabotaged because I keep seeing Pann stories trying to get more bullying scandals going with the group, like saying Kazuha is excluded or Sakura is mean. The group has a lot of jealous antis for sure.


its kakao setting them up
ive flops


sakura hag flop


Fr Garam’s bullying scandal overshadowed her visuals but she definitely would’ve been big if it wasn’t for that


To be honest I liked garam voice especially in sour grape but if she was still in the group eunche would probably be faded in the background


Yeah. They will push garam to be a center. Look at fearless. She got intro, chorus, bridge and ending. She’s standing at center for their official position despite chaewon is izone member. Their standing position is unbalanced bcuz garam is tall..should put two short member at center or two tall member at center

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the company seems to plan to push kim garam a lot. glad it didn’t happen tho, now all the members got fair popularity individually


Yeah I do feel like Eunchae just started to be seen when Garam left


Lol eunchae was already shining though her personality in the fearless era, with absolutely no stage experience to being bagging her own show its coz of her charms not coz w bully left the group

spicy spice

it’s true tbh.




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The way noone except kpop stans know that garam girl, all these ifs and buts are pointless like she’s never debuting as an idol again. Girl was there for two weeks 😭 a lot of yall only supported her only bc she got kicked out bc yall hate hybe. She really isn’t all that 💀

Stupid pannkpop

Garam left so it doesn’t matter anymore. Not worth to discuss


Well, good riddance to Ga Ram.


Garam was in LSFM for like… 2 weeks? Eunchae gained popularity after LSFM started doing reality shows bcs people felt in love Eunchae’s personality so I think that even if Garam would stay in LSFM till now, Eunchae still would gain popularity and be more famous than right after debut. Bcs Garam existence has nothing to do with Chae’s bright, maknae charm and people just needed more time and situations to see Chae’s charm.

seungri is free

Eunchae is cute, bullyram bitch face 🙂


Shes innocent you stan a real criminal


This is random but I read this and Fearless played on my playlist


I think she shines more in their music because before Garam left she didn’t have many lines but in her Personality she always shined. Right now shes the least biased but I am sure that in a few years shes gonna be up their. Manchae on Top

American Wet Pussay

Kim Garam could be the face of 4th Gen but dumb Hybe decided to push other members. She did say she’s a Soft Tofu so KGM is innocent!


“I don’t have any malice..” then proceed to post something like this.

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