Honestly, there are a lot of handsome idols, but this is why I’m still a fan of him

He is so polite and warm

He’s still handsome

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon

1. Even if you’re not a fan of Yoon Doojoon, you still like him

2. Doojoon has worked hard and diligently since his debut.. He treats fans and members so well

3. He is the ideal type of girls ㅠㅠ

4. Yoon Doojoon is everyone’s ideal type

5. Me too, and everyone around me likes him.. My husband, who likes sports and doesn’t care about idols, likes him too

6. That’s right, even men like Yoon Doojoon

7. I really admit it,,, Doojoon is so warm,, cute,, handsome,,, really the best,,

8. I’m not even a fan, but I want to marry someone like him

9. It is recognized even by fans of other groups

10. He always does his job well, I really like his personality

11. Yoon Doojoon is really handsome, and even non-fans can see him as a kind and warm person

12. He is the only male celebrity that my mother likes…

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