Hot100 : A hard truth to swallow

The Billboard Hot 100 is one of the most prestigious music charts in the world, tracking the most popular songs in the United States. 

Park Jimin from huge pop group BTS created history becoming the first Korean soloist to peak at number 1 with Like Crazy, which was released in multi versions, including an English one. However, the song was out of the first top 10 list in the second week. This left his fandom very alarmed and angry. 

Over the years, BTS fandom aka ARMY well knowns for their basless accusations trended several hashtags calling Billboard ‘corrupt’ ‘xenophobic’ ‘racist’ on Twitter, Monday April 11. However, a closer examination of the chart’s methodology and current charting shows that these accusations are falses. 

The Billboard Hot 100 is a chart that tracks the popularity of songs based on their sales, streaming, and radio airplay. The methodology is purely objective, relying on data from a variety of sources, including Nielsen Music/MRC Data, Billboard’s own surveys, and other third-party data providers. The chart’s rankings are based purely on the data collected, without any subjective or discriminatory factors coming into play. 

As an exemple let take a look at the current and well diversified top 10. Nigerian artist Rema celebrated his second entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with his single “Calm Down,” featuring Selena Gomez who debuted at #91 and slowely rised to the top #10. SZA with her smash hit “Kill Bill” to Boy’s A Liar, Pt. 2 with PinkPantheress & Ice Spice…

BTS fandom need to realize in addition to being the biggest xenophobes themselves that mass buying will never be the right way to achieve genuine success among general public.

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Not reading all this but for someone who hates Jimin , you guys surely talks about him a lot cause the way tons of user posts about him alone this month is crazy lol , armys rarely makes user posts about bp or the members here compared to these blinks 🦍

And billboard is still racist by the way . Some of you guys are crazy as fuck to defend a company that is known to prioritize white people more than pocs ☠️ like the hate you guys got on BTS or Armys really got you to defend fuckass Billboard 👤 speechless as hell.

They putting heavy weightage on radio plays alone shows how much they don’t want POCs especially non-English speaking Asian artists to touch the top 10

Ladyboy lisa

You guys should be worrying about cokesie now. Hope she get treament bacause these things really addictive 😅

Color color stan

But everything she needs is on the drugs 🎵


Fake news!!!


Yall are so predictable it’s actually sad.. The sadder thing is that despite all that yapping, ain’t no one taking yall bitter mfs seriously I fear 😭

Let’s see how much you lot will like to speak on xenophobia and racism when you’ll end up face to face with the fact that Billboard’s shenanigans will ultimately affect your favorites as much as it affects BTS; if not even more, since they don’t have half the relevancy Bangtan do.

Talking about “mass buying” when that is literally the ONLY practice that gives your faves somewhat of a relevancy on these charts, be seriousss 💀
Cause at the end of the day Bangtan could literally decide RIGHT NOW to go book (at least) 4 nights at SoFi —or any stadium, for that matter— and sell them out in minutes while your faves STILL struggle to sell arenas.

Start minding your drug addict faves before opening your dirty mouths on any other artists, freaks. Or don’t come crying about racism and misogyny when your energy is being returned.

Color color stan

Why are stans of groups who have never seen the hot100 making noise about the hot100 😂

Last edited 7 months ago by Color color stan

Hot100 : A hard truth to swallow,
druggiepink will NEVER hold enough relevancy in order to make it onto hot100’s top 10, especially not without a collaboration. so, I’m entirely unsure what gives their fandom the impression that they can speak on artists who have made it there not only as a group, but as soloists as well.


I just wonder. The author of this post, are u even know how BB chart become so messy right now? Are u even american not to know the fact?

You called mass buying from genuine fans is unorganic. But did u know that most of those western artist did PAYOLA blatantly? is it what you call ORGANIC??

Its NOT OK if fans buy an album with their money, but its OK if the label of western artists to buy their slot on radioplays? so their artist’s song would get many radioplays without any request from genuine fans?
Kinda broken logic here….

AGAIN…tell me ONE artist who didn’t need the support of their fans! Who didn’t need their fans to buy their albums! Pannkpop should stick to your roots. Just do translation news from official portal medias. And don’t add so much bullshit posts like nowadays.


Mass buy fandom = Jisoo and her Chinese sales lmao


the fact that they are more concerned of this than armys speaks a lot 😂 come on, making all this article for jimin is making you a die hard fan

White cat

When kpop stan own fav never get into hot 100 talked so much shit. Its actually hilarious to read. Like dear?? Shut up .

Teenaged puppy

Not blinks tryna lecture Armys about billboard??? This isn’t bubbling under… stay in your lane

WhatsThe Point

Teaching how hit100 and other charts work to the literal fandom that spent years studying it??
Don’t forget y’all stole the methods armys found out to apply to ur own faves but yall don’t have the same engagement and number as armys.

WhatsThe Point

Oh let’s not forget, calm down got radio that’s why it rose on hot100. Y’all should not speak if y’all don’t know how it works lol, the chart’s a mess rn and in somedays when tiktok will get banned in US we’ll see how well artists will do


Nigerian artist Rema celebrated his second entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with his single “Calm Down,” featuring Selena Gomez who debuted at #91 and slowely rised to the top #10. SZA with her smash hit “Kill Bill” to Boy’s A Liar, Pt. 2 with PinkPantheress & Ice Spice”

All of these songs have big (or even huge) industry push, millions of radioplay and playlisting. Some of them rised slowly bcs week after week they got more and more radioplay and better placement on Spotify’s lists. Why you are comparing them to Jimin’s song that has great streams (over M5 since release), made English version just for the radio, sent this version to the radio and… Never get any help or push for them. Be real – if The Weeknd or Harry Style would release Like Crazy this song would be everywhere on US radio.


At the end of the day all changes that BB made for blocking BTS and all deals to block artists that aren’t singing in English will hurt the rest of kpop industry the most. Not even BTS, bcs they have huge and loyal fandom. Without BB, radioplay, and playlisting BTS will still sell the biggest tours in US.

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