How much V has matured over the years

In the past few years, my V has matured a lot.. I feel like he has become stronger on the inside after seeing recent videos or interviews?? I feel like idols are getting older too, so I’m sad on the one hand.

1. V is always really cool, but he gets even cooler with his age

2. The really good part about V is that he is consistent (there is a boyish innocence), but also that he has a mature atmosphere for his age that is a development. It feels like the growth of an idol at each stage, but looking back again, V is always solid and I like that

3. V is the coolest

4. I’m rather late.. I really like V, who has matured now

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thats what constant hate and pressure do to people. glad he’s okay now. i remember he was not in good state and came out with blue and grey.


He was so cute and adorable as a child but he is so sexy and mysterious as an adult. He feels very human within the kpop machine

Dot Com

Agreed he really humanizes everything. He doesnt feel like a robot sent here to please us. The fans are pleased because he is relatable not unattainable.

Maple Puddin

I loved Tae when he was younger with his mischievous and sunshine personality but I also like his cool mature personality too. I think he is more himself now.


He was always pretty

But I wasn’t done..

He is still playful but he’s like almost 30 so you expect maturity. I love his silly moments so much more now.

Dot Com

I demand more glow up pics for him


the only thing he doesn’t have now is that careless playfulness.time with the natural grow up,severe hates,some two faced ppl around & sad experiences made him an introvert & calm person.he’s still playful,cute,huggy,just needs to find himself comfortable around ppl he’s with to let it show.
i like his personality.idk there’s something sad but beautiful about it.he’s the most natural idol yet so poetic.


He is best example of glow up


Not gonna lie, if he still acted like he did when he was younger I might think of him as immature and probably not connect with him as much. Something about him now is very refreshing and cool.

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