Hul Jennie shows her brea$ts in the drama?

Hul Jennie shows her brea$ts in the drama?

What’s up with that gif of her dancing in the drama? The one where she is held up with two hands? I see everything. This is getting worse and worse

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1. [+499, -132] Blinks are really asking, ‘What is wrong with nude scenes?’ Poor Blinks..

2. [+442, -49] This is Jennie?

3. [+327, -24] ㅋㅋ

4. [+241, -170] You guys are criticizing Jennie the same way Sulli was criticized for her nude scene. Jennie isn’t a minor, so why do you guys care?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+179, -260] What is wrong with nude scenes?

6. [+151, -147] So what’s the reason why Jennie shouldn’t do nude scenes?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+56, -1] I feel like she just ruined the image she had built up

8. [+46, -13] What should V do?..

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she has always been that way. already being proud and loud about fingering herself, having sex with her white friend in NZ since middle school.
It’s only because oy YG expensive girl marketing ploy that revamp her image into some sexy cold classy girl.
But whenever she open her mouth, her choice of friends, her choice of serial that she act on and her pandering to her white socialite western friends shows you that nothing has changed.
But her fans are not ready accepting that.


i’m just curious, do you have proof about her being proud of fingering and the sex thing ??


There are pictures of her from when she was just a teenager and she is very deliberately using sex signs, fingerings and stuff and used to slutshame other girls also was obsessed with sex. She also had bullying allegations but yg swept it all under the rug. Jennie has been wild all her life. It’s true yg gave her a whole new image of expensive classy idol when she is the exact opposite


I wonder, will we know after bp disband, did she bully bp members. I guess yes she did.


I don’t think she bullied them but she doesn’t seem to like Lisa imo. She seems jealous of her.


She is clearly infuriated by the success of other members. Especially Lisa, because Jennie is a racist. It was pretty obvious when they performed in Thailand. Jenny’s expression was disgusting and spoke for itself.


I used to watched Blackpink Vlive when they just debuted. Based on what i saw, i feel like she’s not close with Rose & Lisa. But i might be wrong.


You are right. She is jealous of them. Especially Lisa, who is way more known in the West than Jennie, and Lisa even didn’t act in porn.


She seems to be behaving like a small child in a group and that everyone has to please her. She’s also jealous of Jisoo’s visuals and Jennie clearly doesn’t like it when she gets fewer lines in songs than main vocalist Rose lol cuz then she shows no interest in the song.

When Lisa surpassed her, she was very upset and it can be seen from the way she once said that she wanted to throw Lisa’s face into a cake for Lisa’s birthday.She didn’t say it as a joke, she had a poker *bіtch* face.

After Jisoo starred in a drama, Jennie desperately wanted to surpass it without having any acting skills and that’s why she was so excited about the Idol series

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In their Vlive, i remember every time Rose/Lisa jokes, she either give side eyes or ignore their jokes & then talk about other things. Only Jisoo give reactions to their(Rose/Lisa) jokes. Thats why i stop watching their Vlive. They have this cold vibe. So, i was quite surprised when others said Jennie has good vibe with others & refering to their vlive interactions. I thought “Maybe i was wrong about their interactions?”

Last edited 5 months ago by Popoapoo

she probably treats them like back-up dancers. the way she just quit the concert and let other members clean the mess for her is screaming power tripping


Where are the pictures


I tried to search any articles about this. & I found one. It seems like her past scandal re appeared during Gidle Soojin? bullying scandal. I’m really surprised because it never appeared on any subreddit. I mainly read articles from reddit. So, maybe her fans tried to cover it?

About her bullying/racism scandal, dont know if its true but if it was then it was kinda fucked up. Especially the part where she is racist towards other asian(southeast asian?). Tf. Lol


her post on her own facebook, the comments on it by her friends.
She lead a very wild life in new zealand and it was quite the big issues when she first debuted, but YG with their masterpiece of mediaplay able to clear all of that, just like SM with taeyong


you can search for screenshots of her old facebook profile


Garam is an angel to her. gotta give props to YG’s marketing team.


What’s wrong with her having sex? Why do you not have sex? Are you some cheap religious Muslim or something?


It’s ok to have sex, it’s not ok to give lazy and unprofessional performances.


How are muslims “cheap” for having selfrespect.


it like giving ur body for free or for a price a chick-fit-A sandwish makes u high value lol. bland racism


okay racist btch. damn what a fcker, go and make that girl suck what ever u have she’d like like being with a racist flat ass like u. calling muslims cheap lol that called selfrespect if u like to give your body for free to anyone your the cheap one not them. cheap and racist like ur girlie

WhatsThe Point

Dgaf how she dresses up , leave tae alone. Stop associating him with her.

It’s really interesting how nobody’s is cancelling her for participating in this shit show, glorifying rape, making jokes about abuse and shit. She’s doing ca but nobody’s even talking abt it???

Imagine if it was literally any other idol, literally anyone, they’d be dogpiled and have a Scandal made out of it. It’s really fascinating to see people not even talk abt how she’s slacking in concerts giving not even bare minimum. But has the energy to go dance and party


K-pop fans are such hypocrites (esp koreans), they’re letting it slide cuz it’s Bp, be it another gg, they’d get sworn to death already.

Last edited 5 months ago by Guest

Are you guys blind? Look at the upvotes? How many posts did we get for The Idols? Knetz are literally criticizing Jennie


If it was a member of Twice. Whole kpop fans would be on their asses going onto them already. And cancelling them instantly. But its their favourite miss pure Jennie. Who would do nothing wrong in their eyes.


not with lisa tho, if lisa acted like jennie not just in the shit show but litterly anything sing b**** face/bored face that girl well be kicked out of blackpink just like kim garam. let alone being lazy and not performing well or having as many dating scandals as jennie or a former bully or acting like a pornstar Lisa will be bullied back to Thailand
keep Hatting on her until the day she dies. and that the privilege that Lisa doesn’t have and I believe that’s the main reason why she always gives 100% when performing


Plus we can see how genuine Lisa really is with the choices of her friends. Like gidle’s Minnie and Twice’s jihyo and Mina. This just shows she doesn’t make friends for clout but because of sake of really being friends on genuine level. Attending their concerts and meeting them. When she doens’t even have to do that cause of her such huge fame and can easily be besties with people from Hollywood. But she still stock close to people who was friends from the beginning tells a lot about her.


yap 100% yes people hate her for being “plastic” and what not but the things she does aren’t as bad as jennie or she isn’t a dozen like jisoo even tho her vocals are bad. also i’d say rosé even tho she is privileged for being korean but not to the level of jisoo let alone jennie.


Imaoo blinks themselves made lisa apologise for braids during her solo. They don’t like lisa as they favour jennie jisoo. Don’t say bp, say jennie amd jisoo because they r blinks favourite members. Even when they r lazy and untalented, they suppory them but drag lisa even if she gets more lines


the blink did amazing making lisa apologise and understand the history and it isn’t bad at all it just shows they care for her and always tries to adequate her when it come to CA.


like blinks are saying that jennie got so much unnecessary hatred and so scrutinized like they are not the first people to drag any idols especially female idols when those female idols do something like what jennie has been doing rn lol


“It’s really interesting how nobody’s is cancelling her for participating in this shit show”

Who’s gonna cancel her? Antis? Knetz? She is literally getting dragged?


her own fans should use bleach



I feel like puking whenever I see her. Not a single hate thrown at her are out of place and she keeps proving that whether it’s her lazy scandals, her bitch attitude, her sexual predator friends or her being a slut/whore promoting rape shows while doing cultural appropriation. The most disgusting idol I have seen


She’s always with her legs spread, nothing new, and she doesn’t look sexy, just plain cheap.Her fans disrespect themselves by defending her unprofessional behavior.


blinks are the dumbest fandom ever.


Wow, so they were growing these breasts with the shop.


V your girlfriend look cheap


I guess Taehyung enjoys being cuckolded. G-Dragon got publicly cuckolded and Taehyung will suffer the same fate.


free tae


Sorry V. But i really hope they eventually breakup. Hopefully, he wont be that heartbroken. She doesnt deserve unproblematic guy. She not only dragging V, but also BTS members now as her stans keep dragging BTS because they cant accept that miss jennie got criticisms.

fake as fuck

y’all be acting like it’s confirmed chill

Ladyboy Lisa

She liked all this stuff 🤣 why they surprised

spicy spice

not that colored nipple pad lmao. just show them then.


I don’t think she’s even wearing pads, gifs are in bad quality, in the video you can see her nipples


Soon 😂


Why is there an article about this disgusting show every week? She loves the character because she is the way she is. Funny thing is, she thought this show would make her big in the western and it’s only making her, in everyone’s eyes, a whore and not one of the expensive ones.


Obviously she is stupid and spoiled, she does not understand what is wrong with this role and why it is unprofessional to leave the stage. I have pity for other members because they have to deal with her. She gets jealous when other members get attention. Jennie is lazy and talentless, showing her pathetic body is only way for her to get attention.


Definitely feel alot more worst once bp goes hiatus n YG debuting baemon while start pushing baemon members for luxury brand deals. She seem behaving like influencer nowadays. Like doing everything cheap just for attention.


She already did and showed almost everything 😂. What could surprise us? Maybe if she will have sex in public.


Well, she said that she thought this role was a chance to just be herself and be brave. So she wasn’t even acting, she was just being herself.


Ok, she can be herself, but why she try to pretend shy and decent after performing almost naked and acting in porn?


In korea, she always does that fake aegyo. So cringe but damn korean men really eating that up. However, soon with more unproblematic female kpop idols promoted as IT Girl, i know the hype of jennie would eventually wear off. Knetizens have started realizing how cheap she look despite mediaplays.


Are Korean man really so stupid? How can she be all that descent classy girl after all these photo where she desperately grinding every man in her reach, let alone her pathetic twerking in bra.


Considering she got kai, gd n now V those top idols who easily can get much better girl than her, sexy cute girl definitely a thing among korean men.


why yall acting like v confirmed dating her? stay neutral wtf


Hoping to see her in a full nude sex scene soon. Other idols and young girls who idolize her should follow her example and act in rape porn shows too because there is literally nothing wrong with women being themselves. Also hope every idol just gives up on performing too because these are the things this dozen gets praised for.

If everyone follows this immoral unprofessional girl’s example I would love to see how future kpop turns out. And I don’t want to see any shitty blink coming for any other idol whether the girls wear clothes or not, whether they perform or not, whether they have cultural appropriation or N word controversies or have attitude controversies or questionable friends or focus more on their druggie parties/dating life rather than their actual career while also being a dumb airhead. Jennifer has done all of this and more yet gets shielded and praised.. so nothing any other female idol can do can be worse than this. Anyways #nudequeenjennie!!


The funniest thing about this is girl decided to show her nipples for 10 second role in a rape porn show.. The desperation lmao. Jenfad runs after western validation so much while this is her worth, the side characters who are always exposed with no respect.

Atleast lily Rose has actual acting scenes to go with the nudity while Jennie serves as a resident whore in that show. Deserves


Being a Jennie fan must be so exhausting. I’m surprised how they seemingly don’t get tired of victimising and excusing her every single day.


Oh, poor poor Jennie, it must be really hard to perform when she is really sick after all DDD (dicks, drinks, drugs).


At least Sulli was gorgeous. Jennie is fugly


sulli just didn’t wear bras and freed the nipple, she was never a whore like jennie


I don’t know why her fans praise her as a beauty. Although she is thin, her body is ugly, not toned. Her face is in terrible condition for her age.


both are wh@res


I’ve seen this video in a better quality and you can clearly see her nipples. Her fandom is shielding her so much. Imagine if someone like Wonyoung or Karina did this. They’d get SO much more hate than her.

spicy spice

the fact that the one who hates those young female idols are mostly blinks lmao.


Hell would have been broken loose if any Twice member has done it. Almost every one would be on their asses.

Seungri Oppa ❤️

Good job, as expected of Seungri Oppa ❤️ training


This girl is so cheap, she’s the kind of woman men would only use for her body (and she’d probably enjoy that). I remember her talking about wanting to get married and start a family when she’s done with her idol career but who would want to marry her after this? I guess she’ll have to date Americans now.


Jennie receives hate bcs of The Idol but she gets money from that movie so this is a simple responsibility of promoting this kind of work, being the face of a movie like The Idol.
In the end she’s Jennie and she’s lucky that in majority knetz are still on her site bcs if in her place would be any other female idol, from any other group – she would be done forever in Korea.

spicy spice

and yet no one look at her dread lock. usually it’s lisa who obsessed being black but here’s jennie.

she’s more than cheap actually.


Lisa never acted in such a way to get western validation. She is still good with her friends 1ho r with her for years. She spends more times with family n her mom than parties. She is always humble amd treats fans with respect. She gives 200 percent in any show. Sje is conscious in any parties and only does it to a limit. She is never bad in her character andd personality. Sje is an angel. Don’t even try to degrade lisa. Infact many western celebs wanted to friend her but she only talks to a limit and gets back to her normal friends

spicy spice

lol. her rapping style totally mimicking black people and she also did dreadlocks multiple times. she wasn’t saint at all.


porn star 😂😂😂😂😂


What can you expect from a slut girl? You really ruined the image of blackpink. You call this person a good role model? Being confident doesn’t mean you have to show your body!!!🤮🤮🤮


She doesn’t have dance skills like Lisa, or voice like Rosè, Jennie just shouts it mic or lip sinck, and she doesn’t have a pleasant appearance like Jisoo. Of cause Jennie chooses the easiest way to be the centre of attention.


Jisoo is useless dozen. Jennie problemetic attitude is saving that dozen


Well jin proudly showed his condom so


Condom is good lol. Unlike this CA and pedo show supporter lol


What kind of comparison is that lol. He didn’t proudly show it, some fans just noticed it in the room.


what a responsible guy, at least we know he wouldn’t bring std everywhere like jenslut




It’s the fact that y’all can said and lie all you want and still you social rejects can’t touch her or her group and that’s bc literally no one takes bts or their stans serious, like literally no one gives a single fck about what Jolene white ass from Missouri or some self hating bitch from India have to said about BP in the real world, a world where you weirdos fail to experience the social human part every day bc why are you wasting your time or going out of your way to hate on someone y’all claim it’s not relevant or just simply dislike? Idk it’s giving friendless, jobless, unloved and just straight up pathetic.
Anyway keep putting that energy around you keep putting all those misogynistic comments out and watch what y’all attract specially as women yourself that probably live somewhere where y’all can’t leave your home without the fear of not coming back.

super sally

What is there to touch? There minimal records have already been broken by 4th gg. They rely on mediaplay and fans initiating fanwars to keep their faves name out there. They still have haven’t sold out their concerts yet. They are being rightfully critized for bad perfomances (every week their are vidoes with 100k likes exposing their lack of talent. new scandals appear every month. The try to hang out and take pictures of celebrity and influencers hoping to secure some hype. They are not famous, they are infamous. And dont act like this hate is coming out of nowhere. You people have been hounding other groups, other celebs, journalists, youtubers and whoever for literally anything. People simply dont like her or her groups or you socalled fans.

super sally

Also what do you mean noone is taking bts seriously? lol the whole world is talking about bts, everyone and their mama is talking about bts. They bring in massive amount of money, have the most succesful and impressive career out of any artist tbh. They are literally a soft power. And everyone wants to be on Armys good behavior because they know they are powerful and bring in the cloud. Don’t be salty that despite all the mediaplaying bp still arent mainstream. And judging from there lack of skill their is a reason for that.

yo mama

and does anyone give a fck about u?


Have to squint real hard to see her flat ass and what they call boobs


She just gives off cheap aura


That guy was close to finger her lmao might as well shoot a porn

mother CL

as expected from our favorite yacht girl


This comment section is pathetic. Tae Hyung don’t want none of ya’ll. Get a fucking grip.

spicy spice

you don’t need to be an army to feel disgusted by this mf.


u think he want her ? HAHAHAHAHHAAH pathetic
that man is high value and ur girlie is in the lowest stage of hell

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