HYBE claims that Min Heejin fooled the whole nation

HYBE “Min Heejin fooled the whole nation”

HYBE, “Min Hee Jin fooled the whole nation by claiming she had never met with investors to plot a coup. Her lies are falling apart, one lie at a time. We look forward to proving this in court.”

1. When is Bang Si Hyuk going to hold a press conference? I’m bored here

2. HYBE failed in its attempt to fool the whole nation

3. They are introducing themselves

4. HYBE fooled the whole nation

5. Why are you bringing up the nation? The wording is horrendous

6. I can’t trust HYBE anymore

7. When is HYBE going to sue and respond to the cult?

8. HYBE pretends like there is something new, but there isn’t. HYBE shouldn’t have made this an official statement

9. HYBE treats the public like dogs and pigs

10. HYBE, explain your ties with the cult, the manipulation of music charts, and your media play. Who do you think is the one who fooled the nation?

11. All they are doing is media play

12. Are they talking about themselves?

13. HYBE is disgusting

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