HYBE Controversy

What do you think about Hybe involved with Dahn World cults? this is trending topic in any korean forum now. but still not media covered it as main news. i don’t know if this Min Hee Jin plan to ruin Hybe or not, but Hybe isn’t innocent too. Hybe scandal in 2024 will be one of biggest Kpop controversy. I think Hybe need to kick Min Hee Jin and Bang Si Hyuk for label future sake. i can’t feel how badly their idols mental health now. NewJeans future is dark : choose Min Hee Jin (they become Fifty Fifty 2) and if they choose Hybe (Hybe will saw this as reason to get rid of them for let Bang PD girlgroups be number 1 in Hybe), Le Sserafim and Illit getting hate everywhere, BTS getting dragged even they’re in military now.

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