HYBE discovers ‘Project 1945’ showing that Min Heejin was planning a coup

[Exclusive] HYBE discovers ‘Project 1945’… Min Heejin’s plan for ‘independence’

A staff member from HYBE has claimed that the company found an additional document that allegedly proves ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin‘s plans to attempt a coup

The new document found was titled “Project 1945,” and contains subpoints concerning lawsuits, civil suits, media play plans, and more.

HYBE has unilaterally interpreted the title “Project 1945” as an indication of Min Hee Jin’s plans to bring ADOR to independence outside of HYBE. This is as 1945 is a significant year in South Korea, the year of liberation and independence.

1. What is that, maybe the name of EXO’s comeback promotion? Project 1945

2. She is the queen of drama

3. NewJeans is 19 years old, Min Heejin is 45 years old.. Isn’t this 1945?

4. What worldview is she living in?

5. Wow, she’s using 1945??? Where did her conscience go?

6. Evil… If she fails, it’s treason. If she succeeds, it will be revolutionary

7. I guess she wants to be like Chairman Bang Si Hyuk

8. 1945? She is crossing the line

9. No, seriously, she’s writing a novel. Is this person really an art director?

10. It’s not funny and I feel dirty, what do these people think about independence and liberation?

11. 1945?? Is she crazy?

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