HYBE employees are divided over HYBE taking over SM

“HYBE is divided”… 42% of employees support the SM takeover vs 58% oppose/don’t care

The 254 employees who participated in the poll gave various answers to the question of whether they support or oppose the SM takeover. 42% (107 people) want to take over, 23% (58 people) are against the takeover and 35% (89 people) don’t care

1. HYBE should stop doing useless things and take good care of their artists

2. “I want to see SM get eaten by Kakao if we don’t take over” Wow, HYBE employees qualifications are really cheap

3. Looking at the article title, this journalist seems to support Kakao, 42% support, 23% oppose and 35% don’t care

4. Looking at the qualifications of HYBE employees, HYBE’s future is bleak

5. It’s not that they won’t take over, it’s that they can’t

6. I’m not surprised because those employees also criticize their own artists

7. Shouldn’t the employees who don’t care be added to the employees who support the takeover?

8. I wonder what the shareholders’ opinions are

9. But why do they combine the employees who oppose and the employees who don’t care?.. The meaning is different

10. 42% + 35%, the positive response is higher

11. I support Kakao

12. I wonder why there are employees who don’t care

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