HYBE employees respond to accusations of cult association ‘Dahn World’

HYBE employees respond to accusations of cult association: “I can only laugh, please give me some time to meditate”

When HYBE was suspected of having a deep connection with ‘Dahn World’, HYBE Labels employees collectively denied it

An employee of HYBE Labels wrote on ‘Blind’, “They said that all HYBE employees were brainwashed by ‘Dahn World’ and forced to meditate and do yoga every morning. All the conspiracy theories surrounding this company are so funny”

Some employees reacted to these posts by saying, “This is too much” and “It’s funny. Please give me some time to do yoga and meditate in the morning. I want to do that too”

Another employee said: “Anyone who works in this industry knows this, but when making a video, even the smallest details make people think ‘Did they think about this?’ He added, “Assuming we chose Sindorim Station by chance, why put the bear symbolizing Dahn World in the center of the music video?”

1. Am I the only one who doesn’t believe this?? ㅠ I’m not sure about the other controversies related to HYBEㅋ but this controversy seems like a joke ㅠㅠ

2. NO… Do you think all the employees know about Lee Soo Man’s tree planting??????

3. I’m curious about what managers think, not employees

4. I’m really curious, so why don’t they sue Dahn World? Isn’t HYBE so sensitive to portrait rights?

5. Bang Si Hyuk himself should reveal his statement. Why does he keep hiding behind staff and artists? If he spoke up, it would all be over, right?

6. What I’m curious about is whether the CEO, executives or people investing large sums of money are related to Dahn World or not

7. Si Hyuk uses singers and staff as shields, but I’ve never seen him step up like Min Heejin~

8. Why don’t they sue Dahn World for using their artists to promote?

9. Wouldn’t it all be over if they took legal action against Dahn World?

10. Please explain sajaegi, you stupid HYBE employees

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