HYBE has decided to choose a new CEO for ADOR

HYBE has decided to choose a new CEO for ADOR

“Decision to appoint new management… Discuss plans related to NewJeans”

“Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on the 31st… HYBE plans to replace management”

ADOR’s new CEO has been decided

It seems that future plans for NewJeans are also being discussed by HYBE

1. NewJeans is the most pitiful….

2. HYBE seems upset that “Min Heejin” became famous instead of “HYBE’s subsidiary ADOR”.

3. From the beginning, they tried to kick Min Heejin out and steal NewJeans

4. If they change it, the color and identity of NewJeans will disappear

5. K-pop is messed up

6. I really hate Bang Si Hyuk… I hope that they will properly refute BTS’ sajaegi controversy and protect the artists… They didn’t do what they should have done

7. No, please protect NewJeans ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. I don’t think any talented people will want to work with HYBE anymore

9. I’m worried it will take away the color of NewJeans… The members must be worried too…

10. Don’t ruin K-pop!!

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