HYBE idols can sell millions of albums, why can’t Stray Kids?

Stray Kids has 25 million followers on Instagram, the 2nd highest among male idols in Korea, and because they’re so popular overseas, they’ve sold so many albumsㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+173, -35] Stray Kids, HYBE idols and everything except BTS are insignificant. Looking at the scale of the tour shows the popularity of the idols

2. [+131, -36] BTS holds stadium tour, SEVENTEEN’s tour revenue is higher than Stray Kids’? Not to mention the difference between BTS Seventeen TXT’s digital and Stray Kids’ digitalㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is Stray Kids really?

3. [+124, -8] Isn’t it because of the huge difference between tour, digital and album sales?

4. [+44, -17] Stray Kids? Hyunjin, the school bully? Bang Chan who made IVE criticized?

5. [+42, -0] If they don’t do well on the domestic charts because 99% of their fans are foreigners, then why didn’t I hear about their ranking on the Billboard Hot 100?

6. [+24, -0] If you perform 42 shows and mobilize 540,000 spectators, the scale of the tour is not very big

7. [+14, -2] When BTS sold 1 million copies, they performed at the stadium, but the funny thing is that they sold 5 million copies and went to the arena

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3. [+124, -8] Isn’t it because of the huge difference between tour, digital and album sales?

Yeah. Their fans brag about stream totals when they have like 300 songs. Fact is, they always have lower monthly listener peaks than TXT, Enhypen, (G)I-DLE, LeSserafim, NewJeans, FiftyFifty, and probably more 4th gen groups. When BTS created physical album records with MOTS7, they were at the point in their career were they were topping melon and breaking youtube and spotify records. You’re selling 5 million albums and can’t chart at home, have sad mid-tier 4th gen streams on Spotify, and aren’t doing anything on Apple Music or YouTube…..like exactly who is listening???

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Anyone that likes noise music apparently.


BTS when they sold 4.7 million albums also had a #1 album debut in US, #4 debut on Hot 100, 4 million attendance tour, and charting in Top 5 of multiple chart’s globally while Stray Kids hasn’t even debuted on the hot 100


the way MOTS:7 became the first album in ages to chart #1 in the top 5 music markets in the world says it all


Comment no7!


Ngl this is laughable. Rather than spending the money to buy 5 million albums, the fans should’ve built streaming party and recruit non-fans to stream too. It’ll be smarter decision to increase recognition


Don’t tell them that 🤦‍♂️

Ladyboy Lisa

😂 comment #5 spilled

Ladyboy Lisa

Fraudulent kids 😭


Just said your fav cant fill up the stadium lol


Of course they can’t, they have like 100 fans in total. I’m not a Stray Kids fan though, just speaking from my own perspective. I’d rather give more fans a possibility to see my group and tour more places than see a lot of people but only 2 places in total where fans from far away can’t come🤷🏼‍♀️


Woww you are cool and diff..not like others. So stay stanning those nugu. They are going to disband in the future lol


Every single one of these groups will disband in the future, how is that a point to make? Doesn’t change the fact that I’d rather see fans in multiple locations, multiple countries vs limit myself to doing a few big events in two countries.


Who is limiting themselves to a few events in two countries through? Kpop acts tour a lot of places.


This can be understood if the group or artist is just slightly interesting to you. A fan who wants a long and happy coexistence with his favorite artist should not wish them to overwork themselves physically and mentally on a large number of shows with revenue close to zero, after all payments. Such a number of shows will take too much time, effort, health and waste on the organization as a result, bringing a minimum income if they are lucky and will not go into negative.


You can still tour many places and do stadiums.


Well, unfortunately that’s you. Not them. It’s just an excuse for them o ur fave can’t fill up stadium. Better make a new excuse


I’m confused.. I’m wondering if you tryna drag bts cuz they’re the only ones who have done that… but let me explain the situation to you. The only reason they did 2 cities only and 3 shows in each is simply bc they’ve been planning to take a hiatus for a while. Last big tour was supposed to be MOTS7 in 2020 but they couldn’t bc of covid. They did their best right when they could go back to it. It’s not like they could go back to launching a big tour. They were getting ready for the hiatus and they’re own solo albums.

Like…what was the point of mentioning that when theres obviously reasons behind those choices


exactly .like MOTS:7 was going to be 16 stadium shows in the US alone in multiple cities, 12 dome dates in JPN alone and 7 European stadium dates across UK, France, Germany i think, and Spain + 4 dates in Seoul of course in the stadium… BTS just haven’t been able to tour cause of covid and than military…


Who’s doing tours in two cities ?


They can do 42 large scale stadiums with multiple nights instead. But they don’t have the demand for that


Comment #5 spilled to much tea to handle 🤣


Yeah but those 2 cities gathered fans and gp from all over the world just to watch them on stage. 😌


stop comparing THE BTS with these nugus 🐷🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕💩💩💩💩


Is this shade towards Bts? Lmao
They haven’t toured since 2019. Mots tour was cancelled because of covid. Ptd concerts was just a few shows to see fans since they couldn’t go on tour due to hiatus and enlistment. But don’t worry when they’ll do a world tour it will be one of the highest grossing tours and in multiple countries.

The truth

They had like 42 shows while TWICE only had like 20 but with higher assistance. That should be enough to tell you how much JYP favors this boys. They want them to hit big so bad. Album sales aren’t the only indication of being on top.
No hot100 in any relevant music market(USA OR JAPAN)
No domestic hits
It’s all created by jyp


They are getting cooked dam


this site is sick. ugh. ugly people

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