HYBE is trying to contact the parents of NewJeans members, Min Heejin’s reaction

“HYBE is trying to contact the parents of NewJeans members”… Min Heejin’s reaction

It is reported that HYBE is trying to directly contact the parents of NewJeans members

On the other hand, Min Heejin expressed her dissatisfaction in a phone call with YTN, saying that she knew parents did not respond to HYBE’s calls

1. HYBE has no conscience

2. They are trying to contact NewJeans’ parents after doing all sorts of dirty things to NewJeans behind their backs, please let NewJeans leave

3. HYBE, if you don’t take good care of the kids, leave Min Heejin and NewJeans alone

4. What will you do when you meet NewJeans’ parents?

5. Even if I were a parent, I wouldn’t like HYBE doing such crazy things

6. If Min Heejin is fired, won’t they have to meet? Looking at the situation, I think being fired is certain

7. Because of the contract, NewJeans will have to stay, and Min Heejin will have to leave HYBE

8. Does HYBE have a conscience?

9. What else is HYBE going to do?

10. Even though I don’t know the exact details, I’m on the side of NewJeans’ parents and Min Heejin and I hope they never lose

11. HYBE has no conscience. Bang Si Hyuk should resign

12. If HYBE took good care and support of NewJeans and their parents, they would have contacted HYBE in advance instead of HYBE not receiving any contact

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