HYBE procured a profit of approximately 112.7 won after selling off 19.43% of its shares in SM to Kakao

HYBE Bang Si Hyuk. Give up SM. To transfer shares to Kakao

HYBE has officially sold off 19.43% of SM’s shares to Kakao at 564 billion KRW (~ $437 million USD)

HYBE has successfully procured a profit of approximately 112.7 billion KRW (~ $87.4 million USD)

1. What about the ‘SM With HYBE’ account?

2. I’m so jealous of Bang Si Hyuk, please give me 100 million won

3. Don’t get involved with SM and Kakao, I hope SM will be with Kakao for the rest of their life

4. Are you saying that HYBE bought shares from Lee Soo Man, paid taxes and subtracted everything they did, and made 100 billion won in profit? I’m so jealous of them

5. Bang Si Hyuk, seriously.. the money keeps coming no matter what he does. What did he do in his previous life?

6. HYBE really knows how to make money

7. I’m so jealous of Bang Si Hyuk

8. HYBE made a lot of money

9. HYBE did a good job of showing that they have enough influence to dominate the market without losing money

10. HYBE did so well~

11. Bang Si Hyuk’s campaign was successful

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