HYBE pushes Hong Eunchae too much

HYBE pushes Hong Eunchae too much

She was MC but she didn’t get attention, they even produced ‘Eunchae’s Star Diary’ show to get attention but she didn’t gain popularity. She doesn’t have any skills and they keep pushing her with kindergarten concept

[+490, -243]

1. [+313, -43] Irene, Jang Wonyoung, and Arin weren’t even pushed like that, it’s funny that they produced her own show to push her

2. [+282, -39] Honestly, I can see that they’re trying to push her so much, but she doesn’t have the star factor, so she can’t gain popularity

3. [+221, -32] She’s pretty and cute, but she’s nothing special…

4. [+145, -27] Just compare her MC stage views with other MCsㅋ

5. [+110, -45] Eunchae is so cute

6. [+85, -4] Why are they suddenly pushing her? When they debuted, they didn’t care about her the most?

7. [+41, -9] She is like a flower without fragrance

8. [+15, -1] It’s not that I don’t like Eunchae, it’s just that I’m not curious about her

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Wow admin really hates Le Sserafim. Eunchae is loved and her Star Diary videos consistently get over 1 million views. She has several individual brand endorsements.


the videos don’t get 1m because of her its the idols she’s interviewing
she’s annoying born in 2006 but acts 12
she’s untalented and look like kim sook




Star diary is fun . She is doing well . And pushing her Is what the company is supposed to do .


Lol so what if HYBE pushes Eunchae? They did a good job, I know her because star diary popped out on my tl and I keep watching ever since. She’s cute and lovable, that’s why I think in 4th generation ggs she’s the maknae who got treated the best by her members


she looks like kim sook, is unattractive, can’t sing, can’t dance
is too old to be treated like a baby she’s born in 2006




Cry louder


Thank you
She’s annoying as fuck. So is her unlistenable voice
If Wonyoung or Yuna acted like her(a toddler who’s missing a chromosome), they would have been dragged to hell
That’s what usually happens since both girls are pretty and haters are jealous of them, but people treat this girl with gloves. If she was pretty and made people feel threatened, she would get opposite reaction
Also whoever did her nose job needs to get fired bc that’s all I see.


A trash like u only know to bully a minor.


she’s super annoying i feel bad for kazuha who is only 3 years older than her be called her mom


B1tch, what make you think other member have big af gap to be called mom too? Who care abt you and your fake concern. Stfu and stay salty with lsrf members r’ship, loser!


the way this comment tells me everything I need to know about you 💀 you don’t know shit about le sserafim and their dynamics. kazuha dislikes being babied and she literally loves to baby eunchae, just like the rest of the girls. stop trying to use zuha as a shield for your weird hate bonner against a child.


Rope asap subhuman


Kys faggot it never began for subhumans like you.

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imagine hating on a teen girl just because her OWN agency promotes her 🫠


Are these bullies so shameless??? Attacking a minor over their prejudice?! This girl only 16 years. Not even an adult. Yet these bullies because their blind hatred, attacked her mercilessly.


Messing with a 16 year old girl, how brave they are! Eunchae is a lovely and charming girl, who is also not prefabricated like others, she behaves like a normal girl of her age, only she is an idol. 


You know lesserafim is successful af when pann girlies are hating on every lsrf members lol


? that’s literally their job to push each members hello ???

seems like the people on pann are in it again with their hate posts towards lsfm lol, might be pissed as fuck seeing how well their b-side track is performing on k-charts


but she doesn’t deserve to be pushed thats the thing!


Stay salty, loser!




Oh shut up. She is a cutie
Deserves to be pushed


Is knetz gone against lsrfm or what…I have seen like dozens of negative posts about them like for a week. Have they done something problematic? Or just the hype has took the sudden negative turn?


as they should?? how miserable do you have to be to hate and start hate trains against manchae?? be fr 💀


I will never stop laughing at how true the age old adage of “if Pann hates you, you’ll be successful”. No amount of “Lsf members are pushed too much” “Lsf are mediocre””Lsf have weird dances” “Lsf have plagiarized songs” “Lsf can’t sing live” “Lsf do too many tiktok challenges” “Lsf aren’t even that pretty” posts will stop them from being a fourth gen top gg, touring successfully worldwide, making more money than any of you can imagine, and making music they like while enjoying their lives.

Really the only losers here at the end of the day are Pann girls, and that never changes. Keep getting your bag, Eunchae honey


She’s really loved but she is so uncharismatic I’m actually surprised she was the official mc in mubank I’m expecting like the trend idols like minji of njs or chaeyon of lsf since this is mubank way of getting new mcs. And Her shows r just so awkward I only like some of her shows when she’s with her close friends like HIYYI where she shows her unreserved traits.




she’s as incompetent as jimin, that’s why she can’t be popular

Last edited 5 months ago by pikachu



I’m confused why are they upset they are pushing her ?


pann people hate successful girls, ig.

fuck you pannchoa and kakao

kakao is pushing so many hate articles against le sserafim. mentioned wonyoung and thought we wouldn’t notice


they’re bitter because no one is talking about wonyoung anymore. in le sserafim all members are popular and getting gigs, but in ive it is only wonyoung and she isn’t relevant anymore


and then you woke up


well… i don’t think it’s working. i’ve never heard of this girl lol


her Star Diary is popular though?? why is the admin keep posting negative things about lesserafim

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