HYBE responds to NewJeans’ comeback, k-netizens ask NewJeans to apologize to their juniors

HYBE “There is no change regarding NewJeans’ comeback, we will do our best to support” [Official]

Responding to a question about NewJeans’ comeback on the 24th, HYBE said: “There is currently no change in the comeback date. HYBE will do our best to support the artist’s scheduled comeback.”

1. NewJeans fighting!

2. HYBE is a bodhisattva

3. What if NewJeans reject it?

4. I think the problem related to ILLIT is due to Min Heejin, who has a victim mentality, so I hope NewJeans keeps working hard

5. This may be the last comeback

6. There’s no way HYBE would give up on NewJeans

7. What did NewJeans do wrong? There are a lot of kids who are crazy about NewJeans

8. Why does NewJeans have to apologize to ILLIT?

9. Guys, Min Heejin said that she got approval from NewJeans claiming that ILLIT copied NewJeans

10. NewJeans need to draw a line with Min Heejin and apologize to their juniors

11. They need to clarify their position and apologize in advance

12. Doesn’t the fact that they agree with Min Heejin’s statement mean they have to reveal their opinions?

13. Looking at the comments, NewJeans never mentioned HYBE? I’ve seen idols from other labels mention HYBE

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