HYBE seems to be adding ads to Weverse and adding live realtime subtitles to Weverse as a paid service

1. Can’t they make a lot of money after BTS isn’t on tour? They really do everything for the money

2. HYBE is really crazy about money

3. HYBE makes things worse for K-pop

4. What a mess

5. They are ruining the future of K-popㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Whenever I see news like this, I feel like they’re kicking existing fans out of K-pop

7. Paying for subtitles is too much

8. HYBE will shut down K-pop


10. Foreign fans must feel betrayed

11. Crazy, isn’t it thanks to the subtitles that K-pop spread around the world?

12. I really hate HYBE

13. I feel sorry for foreign fans

14. They really treat their fans like ATMs

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2 weeks ago hybe stans were laughing at bbl…. well… clowns

Logic Thinker

Well bubble is basically the same as this… with paid lives this are optional for what I understand it’s going to be like vlive+ and vlive had also free and subscription stuff


I think you have no idea what you’re talking about. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Weverse is free, it has more options that can be purchased by paying, Bubble you have to pay to read your idol’s message


Bubble is a lot cheaper than what Weverse is adding with his “jelly’s” land you don’t need to pay separately for things, you pay the whole month you dont have to pay for every message and subtitles lol


Except as you can see HYBE group fans (like the one in the op) are tearing this down and criticizing it, while SM stans defended bubble to the death.


I’m still gonna laugh at sm stans and their idiotic bbl. Dumb as hell


all I’m gonna say is that they’re getting the backlash they rightfully deserve for this, from all fandoms 🤷🏾‍♀️

Logic Thinker

Not to defend because i really don’t care i’m not going to pay for that but that’s for REAL LIFE TRANSLATIONS … I don’t need that I can watch it after and btw this is something similar to Vlive+

Last edited 4 months ago by Logic Thinker

I won’t get into it but at least I know the real cost of simultaneous translation. people nowadays think that just because it’s on the internet it has to be free


nah we don’t need it. we have twt translator whove been translating their live in real time for years


As long as they keep the free version still available and in good quality, then this is whatever to me. I don’t mind ads (they’re annoying, but it’s a preferable alternative to paying for me, and as long as it doesn’t go over the top with them-…we’ll see).

Color color stan

Taehyung’s live will be finished before i finish watching the ad 😂


why making a fuss when it’s just live translations? if people wait for a few days, you will get free subs eventually.


soon we will all be mantis


I wish nobody would subscribe so they go back on it. Translators should open donations, I’d much rather give them money and rely on their twt translations instead of this money grubbing company.


I hope kpop self implodes. Couldnt care less about the success of kpop. Dont use subs…ppl will translate later anyways

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