HYBE seems to be adding ads to Weverse and adding live realtime subtitles to Weverse as a paid service

1. Can’t they make a lot of money after BTS isn’t on tour? They really do everything for the money

2. HYBE is really crazy about money

3. HYBE makes things worse for K-pop

4. What a mess

5. They are ruining the future of K-popㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Whenever I see news like this, I feel like they’re kicking existing fans out of K-pop

7. Paying for subtitles is too much

8. HYBE will shut down K-pop


10. Foreign fans must feel betrayed

11. Crazy, isn’t it thanks to the subtitles that K-pop spread around the world?

12. I really hate HYBE

13. I feel sorry for foreign fans

14. They really treat their fans like ATMs

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