HYBE speaks out about accusations of using BTS RM against NewJeans

HYBE side “NewJeans and BTS RM make their comeback on the same day? Shared with Min Heejin → No problem.”

HYBE, “Album release dates are autonomously decided by each label, and adjustments are made if they overlap. This time, due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict, the date was finalized after sharing with CEO Min Heejin, and it proceeded with her approval that there were no issues.”

1. What are you doing behind the artists’ backs, HYBE?

2. They’re using RM to block NewJeans on the Billboard 200.. Seriously crazy

3. Why is this happening to BTS? I really hate HYBE..

4. I understand, I will listen to NewJeans’ songs diligently

5. HYBE has been doing terrible things to Bangtan in the past few days

6. Damn, stop hiding behind Bangtan, this trash company

7. I feel like RM is also being taken advantage of by HYBE

8. No, if I were a fan of BTS, I would go crazy. They are using BTS as a shield

9. NewJeans is more popular with the public so I don’t think it will bring any benefit to RM

10. It’s true that they did this just to harass Min Heejin and NewJeans

11. I feel sorry for Bangtan, this company is so stupid

12. I’m not really curious about this, I’m curious about something else

13. Isn’t this a loss for RM?

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