HYBE stock drops to 110,000 won

HYBE stock drops to 110,000 won

Last November, it was 420,000 won

1. They can’t do anything without BTS, look what they’re doing with BTS, they should go bankrupt

2. It’s still too high

3. Honestly, except for BTS, they haven’t shown anything so far

4. If BTS enlists, HYBE will be ruined

5. Reminds me of my old colleague who told me not to buy HYBE stock

6. That’s why HYBE doesn’t want BTS to enlist

7. They claim that it’s an IT company, but in the end, it’s an entertainment company

8. All the idols in HYBE are doing well, but they can’t reduce their dependence on BTS

9. Honestly, I think it’s still high

10. Aren’t all their female idols doing well? BTS’s influence is too big

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