HYBE stock price is increasing in real time

HYBE stock price in real time

1. The ants have crawled in and are trying to survive until BTS comes backㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. It’s going up because NewJeans is doing so well

3. HYBE will not fail

4. I heard that it increased because NewJeans’ song got good responses

5. What if NewJeans and Zico’s songs are successful and Seventeen’s comeback is scheduled?

6. NewJeans is expected to do so well this time, but from the shareholders’ perspective, all they have to do is make a lot of money

7. But anyway, if NewJeans does well then HYBE does well too, right?

9. NewJeans’ popularity is increasing, Zico’s digital music is exploding, and Seventeen’s comeback will definitely do well

10. This is only short-term bad news as the entire BTS group will return soon

11. Isn’t it because NewJeans and Zico’s responses are good and Seventeen is coming back today?

12. ILLIT is also doing well

13. I think HYBE will still do well after all of these controversies

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